The eight no principles of home decoration are not

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1、 Don't ignore the lighting

a bright living room at night will make people feel cheerful, and a romantic bedroom at night will ignite the flame of love. A good lighting design will make the whole home brilliant! So don't ignore the lighting

not recommended: it's very dull to rely only on the lamps above your head for lighting. Especially in restaurants, if this kind of lighting is used, people will affect their dining mood because the light source is too close to the desktop

recommendation 1: small family kitchens and restaurants can be equipped with wall lamps; Large family can be installed with large chandeliers or floor lamps, which makes the home more bright and warm

recommendation 2: ceiling lamps and table lamps with novel shapes can add interest to the living room. But the top of the bed had better not get too heavy chandeliers, which will affect sleep and is not safe

recommendation 3: the retro wall lamp on the background wall at the head of the bed can create a low-key and luxurious bedroom, and can also add a trace of mystery and charm. 2、 Don't pursue luxury excessively.

home is a place where people live, and it should be based on comfort. Some people like luxury style, but if this style is not well grasped, it is easy to make the whole family become pompous, so that the feeling of home is no longer warm, but a sense of alienation. Only high-end atmosphere can be upgraded, and low-key luxury can have connotation

not recommended 1: gold, mirror, leopard print and other elements are widely used at home, which is easy to dazzle people. It is suitable for hotels to attract customers, but not for warm home decoration

not recommended 2: many people like to use European style home decoration to reflect their status, but the color tone of European style home decoration should not be too deep, which is easy to appear old-fashioned, which will adversely affect the growth of future generations of the family

recommendation 1: if you find that too much gold is used in your home after decoration, you might as well decorate some flowers and green plants, which can well balance gold and bring low-key luxury

recommendation 2: when decorating, we should consider the factors of healthy growth of family offspring. The survey shows that fresh and sunny colors will make children's growth more beneficial. More light and lighter colors at home are also more conducive to family communication




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