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Paint and coating are the most frequently used products in home decoration. How to choose and use coatings and paints correctly

paint and coating are the most frequently used products in home decoration. How to choose and use coatings and paints correctly

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I. purchase

1. Look at the weight: lift the paint bucket and shake it. If there is a murmuring sound, it indicates that the weight is seriously insufficient, the weight is less, or the viscosity is too low. The real materials of regular big factories can hardly be heard

2. the dosage should be estimated, and enough should be purchased at one time to avoid the color difference of the coatings purchased successively

3. choose the same brand: it is best to choose the same brand or matching paint for primer and finish to prevent adverse reactions between primer and finish

II. Paint construction sequence:

1. Remove the dust and dirt on the surface of wood products and lines (wood base)

2. Trim the burrs, forks and other defects on the surface of the wood base, and polish them with sand skin to make the edges and corners neat

3. use oily putty (or transparent putty) for scraping, polishing, and polishing after refilling putty (when using varnish, fill brown eyes and nail holes first, and do local color repair work)

4. apply the first coat of paint, refill putty, and remove the dust on the surface after polishing

5. Apply the second coat of paint, remove the dust on the surface after polishing, and use sand skin for water grinding, and repair the oil hanging part

6. Paint for the third time until the desired effect is achieved

III. coating construction sequence

1. Wall tiling: in order to prevent cracks on the wall, the non load-bearing wall must be plastered

2. wall lining: wall lining is a substitute for 821 putty and a necessary material for the wall base

3. primer: the primer has the function of moisture-proof and mold proof. Be sure to brush the primer first and then the finish paint

4. color paint: when choosing the paint color according to the color card of the building materials market, it is best to choose a color lighter than the color card

5. spraying: the effect of spraying is better than that of manual brushing, but it costs more materials

IV. key points of paint construction

(I) common sense of fire safety

generally, paint and coatings are flammable and explosive chemicals, especially during coating construction, a large amount of flammable gas volatilizes into the air, which is very prone to combustion or explosion accidents. Therefore, in the coating construction, we must pay attention to the following problems:

1. Ensure air circulation and prevent the accumulation of solvent vapor

2. It is forbidden to use any open fire to bake or heat paint

3. it is forbidden to wear chemical fiber clothes into the construction site to prevent electrostatic sparks

4. It is forbidden to carry out other operations at the paint construction site, especially the operations of iron impact and violent friction of objects

(II) safety common sense

safety protection must be paid attention to in paint construction

1. Paint and paint are strictly prohibited from entering the mouth. If there is a problem in the eyes, it must be washed with clean water and sent to the hospital for treatment

2. It is strictly forbidden to drink water or eat at the painting construction site

3. ensure air circulation and prevent solvent vapor from accumulating

4. if a large amount of solvent vapor is inhaled and uncomfortable symptoms occur, you must quickly leave the scene and breathe fresh air. The construction can be resumed only after the symptoms disappear

(III) safety common sense of work at height

when working at height, necessary safety protection must be carried out. Safety helmets must be worn during coating construction at the construction site

(IV) general knowledge of construction

1. The surface must be clean, dry and completely solidified before construction to remove dust, mold marks and peeled paint. Fill nail holes and cracks, smooth the surface and sweep away dust

2. Cover the surface that does not need coating. The paint should be mixed evenly before use and used according to the packaging instructions

3. paint the corners, window frames and other parts first, and then paint the large-area wall

4. brushes, rollers, etc. can be used. After each painting, it needs to be dried for a certain time. Generally, it takes 4-6 hours for water-based paint and 24 hours for oil-based paint to be painted for the second time

5. After all brushing, clean the brush, roller and other equipment with solvent, and please deal with the excess paint

6. The climate requirements for the construction of exterior wall emulsion paint are that the temperature is greater than 5 ℃, and the humidity is less than 85%. Construction should be avoided in rainy and windy days, otherwise the paint film will be washed away or washed away by rain





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