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According to the people's network from the relevant departments of Sanya City, Sanya intermediate people's court spent a lot of money on the decoration of the office building, but finally because of the installation of excessive steel structures and the use of too many decorative materials, the building can no longer bear the overweight load, and finally the main body of the building tilted, becoming a "dangerous building" that no one dared to touch. Recently, there has been new progress in this event: Sanya City has handed over the unfinished office building of Sanya intermediate court to the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development, and Sanya intermediate court has obtained a new site to build a new office building

the office building of Sanya intermediate people's court was built in 1996, with a total of 12 floors. In 1998, two additional auxiliary buildings were built, with a construction area of about 30000 square meters. After 13 years of operation, Sanya intermediate people's court plans to decorate it from the inside to the outside to change its slightly "old-fashioned" image. Because of the repeated changes of the design plan, the decoration budget has gradually increased from the initial 16million yuan to 40million yuan. After the decoration application is approved and the required funds are allocated in place, the construction unit begins to enter the site for construction

but surprisingly, due to the installation of excessive steel structures and the use of too many decorative materials, the foundation of this building can no longer bear the excessive load, which eventually led to the inclination of the main body of the building. According to the detection of professional institutions, this office building, which is classified as a "dangerous building", has to be shut down. What is more surprising is that after becoming a "dangerous building" and stopping work, this office building has become a "hot potato" that no one wants to take over and pay attention to (for details, see people's network Hainan window report on June 26, 2012, "Sanya intermediate court decorated office building has not been completed and has become a dangerous building")

the reporter recently learned from relevant departments that Sanya has determined that the housing and Construction Department of Sanya will receive the office building of Sanya intermediate people's court and be responsible for dealing with relevant follow-up matters. People's daily news reporter interviewed relevant departments

in the family area of Sanya intermediate court, the reporter saw that the hospital had posted relevant notices, saying that the office building would be handed over to Sanya housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, requiring residents in the family area to cooperate in the management after the handover

however, during the interview with Sanya intermediate people's court, the head of the relevant department of the court said that he did not know about the transfer of the office building and was unwilling to disclose the relevant details, but asked the reporter to interview the Sanya Municipal government

it is understood that Sanya intermediate people's court currently rents a farm's warehouse for renovation and office after decoration. Because it is far from the urban area, the hospital has specially arranged vehicles to pick up policemen to and from work. In addition, the new office building of the hospital in Fenghuang Town, Sanya City will also start construction in the near future





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