The owner's decoration smuggling list is hopeless

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Ms. Chen, who lives in Wuhan, went to a famous brand decoration company in Wuhan to decorate. The half package price of a 120 square meter house is about 60000 yuan. Just as she was preparing to sign the contract, the project manager secretly greeted her and said that the same construction team and the same materials could save a quarter of the money if we traded with him, and it would only cost nearly 45000 yuan in the end. As soon as Ms. Chen calculated, she was distressed about money, and finally chose to deal privately with the project manager. However, in the actual decoration process, Ms. Chen saw that the decoration quality of her house was significantly worse than that of the model house, and the construction period also exceeded the construction period agreed in advance. Ms. Chen wanted to complain, but because it was a private transaction, she did not sign a formal contract, and the decoration company did not need to bear any responsibility. According to data, more than 20 disputes occurred in Wuhan last year because consumers were greedy for bargains and privately sought work from foremen. Because there is no contract can not be guaranteed, consumers can only suffer losses by themselves in the end

it is reported that some unqualified decoration companies use the psychology that the lower the customer's quotation, the better to attract customers at a low price. As a result, they add items at will, the items in the quotation are vague, the material is unclear, the actual decoration area is increased or the labor cost is falsely reported, the material is shoddy, and they deceive customers by using the characteristics of pricing according to quality in the decoration building materials market. This situation requires special attention

Wuhan home decoration network reminds you that some owners have finally suffered "hidden losses" because they have not signed decoration standards and specifications contracts. The current decoration standard contract text has made an agreement on environmental protection. If environmental protection does not meet the standard, you can find a decoration company to compensate. Therefore, citizens must not sign contracts with decoration companies in private when decorating; If you want to sign, you must sign the decoration standard contract text, and the contract can have legal effect




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