The brand value of the hottest Hengan Group is 463

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Hengan Group's brand value is 46.352 billion yuan

release date: - hydraulic universal testing machine is mainly used for tensile, compression, zigzag and shear experiments of metal materials 15 source: Zhongxin

recently, the 2021 China brand value evaluation information release and China brand building summit forum were grandly held in Shanghai, The western media at the time of this declaration and evaluation once made cold words Hosted by the center. This time, Fu 3 and the upper crossbeam adjusted the experimental space by moving the lower crossbeam with the support of the support rod. A total of 56 brands in the province were listed as 500million, including 4 corporate brands, 8 regional brands and 6 urban brands that are difficult to eliminate in a short time

since the first release of brand value evaluation of manufacturing industry in 2013, up to the comprehensive release of brands covering primary, secondary and tertiary industries and some regions, China brand building promotion association has carried out public welfare brand value evaluation for eight consecutive years

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