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On November 23, 2017, the global Internet Technology Conference (GITC 2017) with the theme of great form Is beyond shape was held in the National Convention Center in Beijing. The conference focused on multi-dimensional and multi domain hot topics such as big data application, artificial intelligence, intelligent driving, IOT, Internet finance, operation and maintenance, infrastructure, mobile Internet, scenario application, etc. more than 160 speakers from around the world comprehensively analyzed the technology gap and best practice content in the era of big data to the guests. In this grand event, Beijing Supply and marketing big data group (hereinafter referred to as sinobbd), as a big data national team, presented its idc+cdn+ cloud + big data management platform integrated product technology and solutions at the conference, and shared with more than 1000 guests from around the world how sinobbd can safeguard the development of new technologies for interconnection

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layout of the whole industry chain, building the cornerstone of the escort of interconnected innovation technology

the amount of global data is growing at an alarming rate. With technical means, enterprises can use data to connect things and things. 3. Jinan experimental machine from the perspective of the scope of utilization: communication channels with people, people, people and activities, activities and activities. Therefore, data has become a strategic resource for the development of the country and enterprises, Whoever has more data will have the future. At the same time, with the big data strategy proposed by the 13th five year plan countries, the data openness is greater, and the big data industry will usher in unlimited business opportunities. It can be predicted that with the industrialization of big data, big data has become one of the production factors of the interconnected economy to some extent. However, we should also realize that with the rapid development of big data industrialization, data security has risen to a new height

chenjinghong, President of sinobbd, mentioned that in the Internet + era, data is growing at an exponential rate, which enables the Internet and its surrounding business forms to continuously innovate and develop, giving birth to a variety of product forms, and the national and social development to glow with infinite vitality. Therefore, we are all talking about big data, and there is one thing we can't get around in the process of talking, that is, data security

chenjinghong stressed that sinobbd, as a big data national team, has been shouldering the important task of protecting national data sovereignty. The group has made solid progress in the comprehensive layout, successfully realized the integrated product layout of idc+cdn+ cloud computing + big data management platform, combined with Deming big data Industrial Park and Guiyang Qianming international information Industrial Park, formed a strong resource advantage and business cluster, and built an industrial map mainly driven by products and technology, Provide all-round services for Internet technology

the Internet technology innovation behind the popularity of AI is inseparable from the driving force of open source

at present, AI has ushered in a golden period of development under the background of big data, the interconnection of everything and the significant improvement of computing performance. Many manufacturers have begun to set sail towards AI, the latest achievement of automotive lightweight, and constantly refresh their understanding of the limit of lightweight. Of course, the current explosive growth of AI is the result of the interwoven development of big data and computing power. The rapid development of AI has enabled it to play an important role in the fields of speech recognition, image recognition, pattern recognition, machine learning and deep learning. There is no doubt that AI has played a great role in promoting the development of social economy and human society. However, we should also see that the development of AI is inseparable from the support of the data center. If the Internet innovation technology represented by AI wants to develop more rapidly, reliably and efficiently, it must need the data center as a soil for it to take root

why is the data center the soil for AI development? Because AI needs to rely on massive data and use massive samples for machine learning, and the data center is naturally a soil with a large amount of data, which can provide sufficient nutrient support for AI. In addition, AI needs to rely on computing power. Only high-speed computing power can complete specified tasks in a short time. Just as the data center is a computing center, it can provide AI with high-speed computing power. For this reason, AI and data center complement each other and cannot be separated. This also puts forward higher requirements for the construction and development of data centers. For example, new problems need to be solved in infrastructure construction, power supply and refrigeration. In response to this situation, chenjinghong pointed out that the innovative integrated data center represented by sinobbd Chengde Deming big data Industrial Park and Guiyang Qianming International Information Industrial Park can provide more secure and reliable protection for AI, provide protection source power support for innovative technologies such as AI in terms of power supply, refrigeration, security and fire protection, and fundamentally promote and accelerate the development of AI

vr live broadcasting becomes a trend. New technologies need to be accelerated before they can gallop.

at present, in addition to AI, another outlet industry must be the live broadcasting industry. Especially when VR meets live broadcasting, it creates a new blue ocean market. Compared with traditional live broadcast, VR live broadcast, as a new form of social live broadcast, has brought users a brand-new experience. However, from the current situation, the Internet innovation technology such as VR live broadcast faces a very serious problem, that is, how to effectively solve the CDN bandwidth cost and the requirements for the network environment. If the network at the collection end is extremely unstable, it will seriously affect the quality of users watching VR live broadcast

sinobbd, as an enterprise with CDN business operation qualification, comprehensively displayed the group's comprehensive solutions and service products in the CDN field at this exhibition. Including how to break the traditional service mode, build a CDN service system that is customer experience centered and integrated. Researchers at University College London conceptualized the overall method of laboratory cell culture, and provide customers with high-performance, high availability, cross vendor redundant page acceleration, Download acceleration, streaming media on demand live broadcast acceleration, security encryption and other full-service services, Assist users to achieve the business innovation goal focusing on customer experience

at present, sinobbd has made great achievements in the construction of integrated data centers. The innovative data centers represented by Deming and Qianming are at the forefront of the industry in terms of construction, operation and maintenance, energy conservation and environmental protection. Under the guidance of the group's 3+10+x strategic impact intensity improvement goal, sinobbd will continue to explore new development directions and service modes in the field of data centers and CDN in the future through complete technology and ecosystem, It will bring more value to countries and enterprises in the fields of big data, artificial intelligence, VR live broadcasting and other Internet innovative technologies

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