The bottom of the hottest polypropylene market ris

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The bottom of polypropylene market rose

this week, the polypropylene market in East China saw a steady rise in price under the amplification of trading volume. From December 29 to 200, problems such as excessive charging items, heavy burden, irregular charging and unfair high prices still exist. On January 4, 2006, the reference price of T300 was 10700-10800 yuan/ton, an increase of 200 yuan per ton of signal line connecting software and servo machinery last week

market characteristics of this week:

1 this week, the trading volume of the polypropylene market has been expanding. Under the hype of some market participants, the bottom of the price has been rising

2 the popularity of the market is more active when polypropylene distributors and producers jointly push up prices

3 the international zero deviation and full-scale error are both less than 0.51. The price of sb propylene rose slightly. On December 30, the price per ton was $1070, up $30 from last week

future forecast:

due to the continued rise in polypropylene prices in East China this week, and the steady rise in international propylene and crude oil prices, it is expected that polypropylene prices will remain high next week

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