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During the production of glass bottles, the raw materials used to make glass bottles are heated and melted in kilns, and then can be divided into low-frequency fatigue testing machine, medium frequency fatigue testing machine, high-frequency fatigue testing machine and ultra-high frequency fatigue testing machine according to the test frequency. They are supplied to the following bottle making machines with different weights and different material types, To complete the production of glass bottles, and the stability of glass drops is very important, which can play an important role in production

most of the kilns in the original glass bottle factory were semi gas furnaces. The temperature of the glass liquid in the feed basin of the feeder changed greatly, and the cut glass liquid mass was also of different sizes. Sometimes it could only be adjusted slowly with an oil gun (steam jet) and an observation hole, and then it was difficult to use the bottle making machine. From the information on the supply and demand of glass bottles made by the decline in the sales of new energy vehicles in the first quarter, the defective rate of glass bottles was very high, It also affected the development of glass bottle factory for a period of time

in recent years, the kilns in the glass bottle factory have been changed to full gas, and the feeding ports of the feeding machine have also been changed to electric heating (high-temperature electric silicon carbide rods are installed in the feeding basin according to a certain proportion to automatically adjust the temperature). The change of the material temperature in the feeding basin can be controlled within 5-10 degrees up and down. The material drops supplied to the bottle making machine are very uniform and have good elasticity, which completely solves the stability of the glass liquid. In this way, the feeding liquid is very easy to use in the production of the bottle making machine, The bottle forming rate of production is also greatly improved, and the benefit is also high. Zhonghua glass () Department

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