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Blue coating "the first city tunnel in Southwest China"

blue coating "the first city tunnel in Southwest China"

. The total length of 1wsw-c300 microcomputer controlled relaxation experimental machine is 417 meters in the Tianfu tunnel, the "first city tunnel in the southwest". 2. Precautions for arranging the experimental grounding wire are bright, and the workers are carrying out the later construction. The atmosphere is tense and orderly - all these are to meet the arrival of December 21

from Goutou lane, Zongfu Road, the car drove into the tunnel. The cement ground was flat and neat, and hundreds of lights reflected the tunnel brightly. The white walls, "fire-proof blue sky", emergency lights and "escape doors" pass by one by one when the car is driving. Walking through the Tianfu tunnel, we feel the "blue sky overhead" under the light, just like driving on a flat road on a sunny day. According to the newspaper master driving in the process of deposition, in this environment where people continue to study and understand the spring test, our mood is more relaxed, In the past, when crossing other tunnels, because they were all dull and low-key gray, their mood was sometimes particularly gloomy

all this is due to the blue paint developed by Sichuan Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of public security. It is reported that this 20mm thick fireproof coating can withstand a high temperature of more than 10000c for 3 hours. Even if there is a fire in the tunnel, it will greatly prolong the escape time of vehicles in the tunnel

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