The bright era of solar energy under the most nucl

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The "bright" era of solar energy under the nuclear crisis

the global panic caused by Japan's nuclear leak continues, and the issue of nuclear safety has added to the world's doubts about the future direction of the new energy pattern. At the same time, on the issue of security, the most friendly solar energy is expected to usher in a bright era under the nuclear crisis

sequelae of nuclear safety

in recent days, the domino effect of the explosion of nuclear power plants in Japan has rapidly spread to all parts of the world. Many countries have begun to re-examine their nuclear power strategies and assess nuclear power safety. The sequelae of nuclear events will be difficult to cure in a short period of time

recently, some countries have taken a more cautious attitude towards nuclear power policies, and some countries even consider making adjustments. At the same time, anti nuclear or nuclear shutdown demonstrations broke out in Europe. China has also decided to conduct a comprehensive review of nuclear power plants under construction. Those that do not meet the safety standards should immediately stop construction, pay close attention to the preparation of the nuclear safety plan, and require the adjustment and improvement of the medium - and long-term plan for nuclear power development. Before the approval of the nuclear safety plan, the approval of nuclear power projects, including those that have already carried out preliminary work, should be suspended. Relevant experts pointed out that Japan's nuclear leak poured cold water on China's rising construction of large-scale nuclear power plants, making the central government review China's construction plans for dozens of nuclear power plants during the 12th Five Year Plan period. In the future, the country's new nuclear power plants will face stricter safety approval. However, relevant departments also said that the safe and efficient development of nuclear power is still one of the important ways to achieve the goal of clean energy development in the future

data show that there are 13 nuclear power units in operation in mainland China, accounting for 2.2% of the total power generation in mainland China. However, nearly 30 nuclear power units are under construction, accounting for 40% of the global nuclear power units under construction

light may become the best substitute

it is noteworthy that in the anxiety and re examination caused by nuclear safety, the nuclear power sector in the global stock market declined, while the share prices of solar photovoltaic, wind energy and other markets continued to strengthen

in this regard, relevant experts said to that China's nuclear power planning objectives may be affected to some extent by the Japanese nuclear crisis. If China reduces its nuclear power planning target, it may provide more space for the development of renewable energy such as hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic, and the internal distribution of 11.4% will also face changes

wanghuiyu, vice president of the new energy chamber of Commerce and chairman of rilida solar, also said at the new energy forum that the nuclear leakage incident is more of a panic in people's minds. In the long run, the long-term strategy of developing nuclear power will not be greatly affected. However, people's panic is also terrible. The nuclear power development plan caused by the short-term nuclear crisis will slow down, which undoubtedly provides a lot of alternative space for the utilization of renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy

it is understood that the outline of the 12th Five Year Plan issued by China recently clearly states that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, non fossil energy will account for 11.4% of primary energy consumption. According to the existing commitments of the government, by 2020, China's non fossil energy will account for 15% of primary energy consumption, of which nuclear power will contribute 4%

with the temporary slowdown of China's nuclear power construction, it may become an opportunity for renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy to increase their contribution. Who will shoulder the arduous mission of energy substitution in the short term under the nuclear crisis

in this regard, wanghuiyu believes that solar energy is the most friendly energy, which brings human warmth within reach. Compared with nuclear power and other new energy sources, solar energy has unparalleled safety. In particular, the process of solar thermal power generation is relatively simple, and bigmax's goal is to use most of the existing data to pollute the environment, which belongs to clean production. It can be said that solar energy is the best alternative to energy

new direction of light utilization

as wind energy is seriously affected by location and climate, and the development and utilization cost of biomass energy is relatively high, solar energy has received unprecedented attention in the era of nuclear crisis because of its natural advantages. Where is the focus and new space for the future development of solar energy

insiders believe that in the future, solar energy will seek a huge breakthrough in solar thermal power generation. Mester is a breakthrough in a series of practical and decorative products, which will also be the top priority of solar thermal utilization, and will be even better than photovoltaic power generation in the future. However, at present, the stability of solar thermal power generation is not very good, and there are still some difficulties in the process of merger. However, this is not a problem of solar thermal power generation itself, but the technology of intelligent electricity is not enough, which requires continuous improvement in technology

recently, the bid opening of the 50 MW trough type solar thermal power generation concession demonstration project in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, was successful. The consortium composed of Datang new energy and Huangming solar energy won the bid. Huangming became the supplier of solar trough type vacuum tubes, the core component of the project

Ordos 50MW trough solar thermal power generation concession demonstration project in Inner Mongolia is the largest solar thermal power generation project in China at present, and is expected to open the door of China's solar thermal power generation

Huang Mingxiang, chairman of Huangming group, said that although Huangming group and Datang new energy have to bear certain electricity price losses due to the small scale of the project, it is inevitable that the pioneers will pay in the initial stage of thermal (2) sample power generation, and it is worthwhile to pay for this potential cause. After all, this is only the beginning of thermal power generation. I believe that with the gradual popularization and application of thermal power generation, Himin will have great competitiveness in the field of thermal power generation

it is understood that up to now, China has invested in the construction of two megawatt solar thermal power stations, namely, 1MW tower solar power station in Yanqing and 50MW trough solar power station in Inner Mongolia

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