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Valin star Camaro four vehicle braking test passed EU certification

Valin star Camaro four vehicle braking test passed EU certification

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Guide: Recently, Three representative models (4x2 tractor, 6x4 tractor and 6x4 dump truck) of Valin's star Kema Euro 4 engine rely on their superior product performance to conduct vehicle routine braking test and ABS Test (no-load state and full load state...

although non-metallic materials will not scratch the rotor, recently, three representative models of star Kema Euro 4 engine of Valin have (4x2 tractor, 6x4 tractor, 6x4 dump truck) relying on its superior product performance, the vehicle routine braking test and ABS Test (no-load state and full load state) conducted in strict accordance with the European standard (ECE 71/320) in Dingyuan test site were passed. The test was witnessed by the authorized German certification company. The technical center of Valin Co., Ltd. and the testing center jointly participated in the implementation of the whole test. They overcame the impact of adverse conditions such as high temperature and Rainstorm on the test site and made joint efforts. Several tests were conducted alternately in combination with the actual situation on site. After 9 days, they successfully completed the test task delivered by the company

the front, middle and rear axles of the test sample vehicle are made of cast steel by Valin company. The frame adopts an advanced trapezoidal load-bearing frame with variable cross-section side beam. The brake system uses the front axle relay valve to control the front axle brake independently, which improves the safety performance of the brake system; The APU assembly replaces the original dryer + four circuit, which is simple to install and improves the drying effect; The successful passing of the brake certification test is not only the performance of Valin bridge itself, but also an effective test for the matching of key components of Valin vehicle. This test, together with nearly 30 vehicle tests such as the noise test, engine emission test, EMC (electromagnetic interference) test and other vehicle tests that have successively passed the EU certification in the early stage, as well as the tests of safety belt anchorages, seats, fuel tanks and other parts. The technical progress of Valin h lithium-ion battery, the post European protection of 08 Euro 4 engine models is also simple and convenient. The EU certification work has entered the closing stage, making the qualification work for exporting to EU countries step into the countdown, Therefore, Valin is expected to become one of the first self owned brand enterprises in China to obtain the export qualification of Euro 4 models. Once the EU certificate is obtained, it will be able to export inspection free green to most countries in the world except the United States and Japan. Although both of them can meet the GB 3960 (1) 983 standard card, this is not only conducive to the greater development of overseas markets of Valin in the later stage, but also provides sufficient technical preparation for more other models of Valin to successfully enter the European market

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