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BenQ wit oval lighting should be "illuminated" no matter how wide

why are we used to driving on the right side? What's the use of the small pocket inside the jeans pocket? People tend to ignore the familiar things around them, just like the desk lamp turned on and off, and few people pay attention to it. However, with a little influence of the experimental operation, it will be found that most of the areas illuminated by the desk lamp are round when the specimen is cured from forming to breaking

why is it round? From the candle kerosene lamp to the later bulb lamp, the light of the table lamp radiates from a point light source to the surrounding, forming a circular outline. People often buckle the round lampshade on the table lamp, so that most of the light emitted by the table lamp is circular

but is circular necessarily reasonable? In retrospect, are you used to carrying out basic research on "two machines" and project approval in 2017 on the desktop, putting common things on both sides of your hands? Whether books or piles of documents, we subconsciously spread them to the left and right. According to the research of Purdue University in the United States, when people are working in daily life, the commonly used desktop range is actually extended horizontally

under the common circular lighting, the parts on both sides of the work area are usually difficult to be illuminated

sometimes, the desk lamp should not only illuminate a person's desktop space. From 2015 to 2017, BenQ wit desk lamp R & D team conducted a two-year investigation on 1000 families with year-old children. The accumulated data show that 3/4 of parents will accompany their children to read and do their homework, and the proportion of families with multiple lighting needs reaches 75%. Parents help their children learn. When two people sit together to read and write, the desktop is obviously wider

common desk lamps can only illuminate an area that is similar to a circle, and the left and right sides of the desktop are usually dark. So we often see such a scene: parents help children learn, but the lamp can only illuminate one side; Although the desk lamp on the desk is on, you can add a notebook, and the reference materials will not be illuminated

when working and studying under such lighting conditions, both eyes can only alternate between light and dark, which inevitably causes eye fatigue and glare

therefore, to ensure sufficient light in the whole learning and working area, what the desk lamp should really illuminate should be the horizontal area extending to both sides. Perhaps only the circle is not enough. To solve the problem, widening the lighting range of the table lamp is the key

oval may be better

some table lamp brands have tried to do this, including Yamada lighting, the leading LED lamp factory in Japan, and Koncept in the United States. They have changed the circular lamp cap of the point light source into a long strip, so that the lighting area can be expanded laterally

Yamada lighting of Japan

Koncept of the United States

for higher requirements on products, BenQ wit desk lamp cares about whether there is any way to do this better

since changing the lamp cap to strip is a solution, is there any way to make the table lamp shine wider on this basis? BenQ wit thought of creating a crescent shaped arc on the strip lamp cap, and the two sides of the lamp cap are slightly upturned, so that the light path can naturally extend to both sides. In this way, the light will produce oval lighting on the desktop that is enough to illuminate the entire desktop

BenQ wit table lamp

comparison of circular and elliptical illumination range

and creative thinking is only the first step. The design of the crescent lamp cap directly brings about a sharp increase in the difficulty of product material selection and manufacturing process: the material selection of the lamp cap should not only meet the bending radian, but also be firm and not easy to fold; The arrangement of lamp beads in the arc lamp cap should be carefully designed to solve the problem that the light is difficult to irradiate evenly; The counterweight support of the bent lamp cap should be reconsidered to make the table lamp more stable

in order to increase the lighting width of more than ten centimeters, the BenQ wit R & D team almost re conceived the overall design of the desk lamp. After repeated tests and experiments, they finally succeeded in creating a broader and more intelligent oval lighting. The lamp cap is equipped with a precision light guide plate coated with optical ink. The light path illuminated by the light is carefully designed to make the light of oval lighting more uniform and reduce the impact of light and dark differences on vision; Under the irradiation of the crescent shaped lamp cap, the oval lighting of BenQ wit can effectively cover the daily use area of the desktop, which can not only meet the needs of one person to work, read and write, but also can be illuminated by enough light when parents accompany two people to read

8. Result comparison: multiple experimental characteristic curves can be superimposed, reproduced, magnified and displayed with different colors for analysis and comparison of one group of samples

In addition, BenQ wit has also launched mindduo series smart desk lamps specifically for parent-child reading and children reading and writing

1. Due to the high tensile strength, high surface hardness Low elongation "brittle and hard "Features BenQ mindduo children's table lamp

mindduo series table lamp has an oval lighting range of 100cm, which can fully illuminate the vision of children and parents; the oval lighting endowed with keen detection ability monitors the ambient light at any time with intelligent dimming function, and timely adjusts the light to the appropriate brightness and color temperature, so that even children can always read and learn in the appropriate light from morning to night; the seating monitoring function ensures that Once the child is seated, the intimate oval light will automatically turn on, making mindduo a reliable partner to remind the child to read and not forget to turn on the light at any time; Minddou plus also adds a sitting posture reminder function. Even if parents are not around, children will no longer stick their heads on books to learn

it's easy to change a circle into an ellipse, but it's difficult to make simple changes to the extreme. From engineers and programmers who require fine skills, writers and screenwriters who have been working on their desks for a long time, to designers, editors and parents who have high screen reading skills, BenQ wit has increasingly become the wise first choice for people who pursue quality and practical results

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