On May 3, the quotation of Shahe glass was stable,

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on May 3, the quotation of Shahe glass increased steadily, and the holiday was basically stable.

on May 3, 2016, the shipments of various manufacturers were OK recently, and the Changhong small board was increased by 0.. 3 yuan/square meter. Other manufacturers have not changed yet

during the May Day holiday, the price of Shahe glass was basically stable. From the investigation of the warehouse out during the holiday, the overall promotion of China's aluminum material industry by the Shahe market was OK. Because the current Shahe price was mainly increased in the range, it still showed a relatively positive trend from the picking up of dealers and price enterprises. As the stimulation to surrounding areas increases, attention should be paid to cold repair devices that may recover in advance. Short term or partial range shocks

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