On March 8, the interview of Shuanghu paint colleg

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On March 8, Shuanghu paint - College Students' Entrepreneurship Project interview started

"don't mention how excited you are.". On March 8, after an 8-hour long journey, Tian Lu from Enshi Xuanen rushed to Gutian, Hankou, and participated in the interview of Wuhan Shuanghu paint college student entrepreneurship project. Three days from yesterday, 194 college students will be interviewed one after another. The organizer reminded that the interview results on March will be sent to the personal email, and the interviewer should pay attention

69 people were "excited" about the interview yesterday

as of 24:00 on March 5, 194 college students had received interview replies from 194 college students who needed high temperature due to plastic

after graduating from Jingshan in 2004, Qi Yongchao is very active in China's current mechanical plastic 5 gold mold market. He once worked as a sales director in many companies. In order to participate in this activity, he even gave up his original job. "The six assistance measures have lowered the threshold for entrepreneurship. I don't want to give up this opportunity."

create more opportunities for college students to start businesses

"we want to attract more enterprises to join and create more opportunities for college students to start businesses through Shuanghu's initiative", panmingxiang, the marketing director of Shuanghu paint, revealed that if it is to recruit dealers, most manufacturers will not choose college students who are relatively lack of experience and capital. But college students are passionate and creative. Give them a chance, and they will release a huge amount of laboratories that can detect building materials

panmingxiang said that the investment of Shuanghu paint in the entrepreneurial project is expected to exceed 2million yuan, including free training, product credit support, etc. At the same time, we will also give priority to college students from rural areas, whose family conditions are not very good, and who are enterprising, and call for more people to care about college students' entrepreneurship

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