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New comments from Nanjing historians: Mi Yue is actually China's first "female emperor"

the popular TV series "biography of MI Yue" is about to be broadcast to the end. These days, MI Yue began to ascend the throne of the Empress Dowager of the state of Qin, that is, the journey of the Empress Dowager of Qin Xuan "Mi" recorded in the historical records. Through interviews with historian Chen Jingyuan, scholars, screenwriters and others, MI Gai's research team has developed a simple, economic and environmental protection method, which is different from that on TV and may be closer to the real history. It is "there is such a saying"

some textbooks and historical views in China have long identified Wu Zetian as the first female emperor in China, and the popular TV series Mi Yue Zhuan directed by Zheng Xiaolong and all historians and archaeologists, without exception, have fixed Mi Yue, the Empress Dowager Xuan of the state of Qin, on the word "Empress Dowager". However, in a recent interview with Nanjing historian Chen Jingyuan, he told that MI Yue was the first "female emperor" in China

1. When Ying Ji ascended the throne, he was a "yellow mouth child"

Chen Jingyuan, who is in his 70s and has studied the history of the Qin Dynasty and the Terra Cotta Warriors for more than 40 years, in fact, his major is architecture, but in the course of many years of research, he published works such as the truth of the terracotta warriors and the disturbance of the terracotta warriors, which put forward an amazing view in the academic community, that is, "the owner of the Terra Cotta Warriors is not the first emperor of Qin, but the Empress Dowager of Qin Xuan". Although this view has been repeatedly criticized by academia and archaeology, he still persevered. This matter was reported by Sanlian Life Weekly in the name of "one man's war" nearly 10 years ago, with far-reaching implications. Despite this academic controversy, there is no doubt that Chen Jingyuan is an expert among contemporary scholars who studies "Empress Dowager Qin Xuan", that is, "Mi Yue". He also wrote a 250000 word biography of Empress Dowager Qin Xuan, writing about Mi Yue's life

in the TV series Mi Yue Zhuan, when Mi Yue returned to the throne of the state of Qin with her son Ying Ji, the childe Ji was still a "yellow child", so she ruled for her son. However, history is not the case. Sima Qian's biography of marquis Li in the historical records once recorded: "the king of Zhao was few, the Empress Dowager was proclaimed autonomous, and Wei Ran was appointed as the government." According to historians, the actual age of Gongzi Ji was 19. Chen Jingyuan believes that Sima Qian's statement is wrong. How can we say that he is "young" and cannot be in power? Chen Jingyuan said, "both King Huiwen of Qin and King Wu of Qin ascended the throne at the age of 19. Ying Ji ascended the throne at the age of 19. Why can't he? It's too unreasonable." After textual research and inquiry in historical books, Chen Jingyuan put forward a new statement that Ying Ji got a strange disease of UL1 after entering the state of Zhiyan. When she returned to Xianyang, the Empress Dowager Xuan found that he could not manage politics, so she made a quick decision and announced that she would take over the governance power of the state of Qin in an all-round way with the excuse of "being young". In the book of the three generations in ancient times, there is a record that "the Empress Dowager of Qin Xuan, surnamed MI, was born to King Zhaoxiang. The king ascended the throne and was honored as the Empress Dowager for 41 years". Empress Dowager Xuan, who was in power before the court, became the first person worthy of the name of China's female dictatorship. Because her son's illness has not been cured for decades, the queen mother has been regent for decades

2. Mi Yue has deep feelings for the state of Chu

before Mi Yue became empress dowager of Qin Xuan, MI Yue had more than 60 episodes. It can be concluded that she was an intelligent, beautiful, kind and courageous woman. However, after she took the throne, she suddenly became ruthless, looking a little out of breath, and the character transformation was a little abrupt. So, what is the MI family in history

history records that MI Yue ruled the country with an iron fist and was strong and ruthless after she took power in the state of Qin. In Chen Shidao's "Houshan collection", he said: "the Empress Dowager came to power since the Empress Dowager Xuan of Qin Dynasty." After empress dowager Xuan took full power, King Zhao of Qin (Ying Ji) almost disappeared in the state of Qin. According to historical records, fan Sui, a counselor of the state of Wei, came to the state of Qin and left the palace. He mistakenly entered Yongxiang lane and said to the Qin people with emotion, "the queen mother and Marquis of Qin are unique to Qin An." He claimed that at this time, King Zhao of Qin was "afraid of the Empress Dowager's strictness at the top and confused by the treacherous ministers at the bottom. Ju Shen can provide good impact protection for lithium-ion batteries and never leave the hands of Bao." During the 40 years when empress dowager Xuan of Qin was in power, her two younger brothers became prime ministers of the state of Qin and her two sons became generals. She dealt with anyone who had a little "criticism" against her with an iron fist. In the TV series, MI Yue treats her relatives, brothers and sisters with love, and she has deep feelings for her home country, the state of Chu. But what is the truth of history? As the daughter of King Wei of Chu and the little sister of King Huai of Chu, MI Yue took control of the power of the state of Qin soon, but for four consecutive years, she sent troops to attack the state of Chu, occupied vast territory, slaughtered many generals of the state of Chu, and finally captured King Huai of Chu, imprisoned in Xianyang, and died in the state of Qin, indicating that MI Yue and the royal family of the state of Chu have sworn enemies

3. What is the son doing after the mother has been in charge of politics for 41 years

sporadic records in historical books show that King Zhao of Qin has always been under the close supervision of Empress Dowager Xuan and did not get any "free space" According to the biographies of fan Sui in the historical records, the Qin people only knew that empress dowager Xuan had been in power, but they did not know that there was another king Zhao of Qin in the state of Qin. So, what has Ying Ji been doing all these years? Doesn't he know "resistance"

In this regard, historian Chen Jingyuan said that empress dowager Xuan had been in charge of the Qin State for 41 years. By the time she was "laid off", Ying Ji was already 60 years old. In these 41 years, he lived in isolation and closed life in Liuying palace and Ligong palace, which were remote and unknown to outsiders. "King Zhao of Qin is here, nominally for recuperation and treatment, and then gradually forgotten." According to Mr. Chen Jingyuan, in 306 BC, the Qin regime fell into the hands of Empress Dowager Mi Yue. Until the Empress Dowager reached the age of 80, she finally returned the regime to the Ying court. It can be seen that before 265 BC, King Zhao of Qin had almost never been in charge of the dynasty of the Qin Kingdom

4. Has Mi Yue really declared herself "emperor"

while taking her son to a remote place to "provide for the elderly", she is in charge of the power alone. What great achievements has Mi Yue done? Chen Jingyuan's answer is, "Empress Dowager Xuan did anything unexpected in Xianyang, the capital of Qin Dynasty. She announced that she was a genuine 'Emperor' in Chinese history in a zhangtai Palace on the South Bank of the Wei River.". Mi Yue announces that she is "emperor" in the state of Qin? This is a shocking news, so why doesn't the history book say that she is the first "female emperor"? This "alternative" interpretation of Chen Jingyuan aroused curiosity. What is the twist of it? Why is there such a conclusion

Chen Jingyuan said that in Sima Qian's "historical records", there was a little-known strange historical material hidden in several places. It was said that before the first emperor of Qin unified the six countries, some people in the state of Qin also announced that they "proclaimed themselves emperor and ascended the throne". This historical data is recorded in the biography of marquis Xi in the historical records. Sima Qian himself said, "the Taishi gongyue said that Marquis Xi was the uncle of King Zhao, and Qin was so beneficial to the East and weak Marquis that he tasted to be the emperor in the world. All the world was the leader of Xixiang, and Marquis Xi contributed." It can be seen that one of his great historical achievements was to make the supreme leader who ruled the state of Qin "proclaim himself Emperor in the world" during the period when Marquis Xi was the Prime Minister of the state of Qin. What's going on? In the text of the biography of marquis Pang in historical records, there is a record that "Marquis Pang was four years old, Qin was called the West emperor, and Qi was called the East emperor". In the past, people thought that the "West emperor" was made by King Zhao of Qin, and had nothing to do with empress dowager Xuan at all. But in Chen Jingyuan's view, this view is wrong. "The 'year of King Zhao of Qin', which often appears in historical books, only adopts the chronology of King Zhao of Qin. If we look at the history of Qin from this perspective, we can find a basic fact. Under the long-term autocratic rule of MI Yue, King Zhao of Qin has no say in all the political, military, diplomatic and economic activities that took place in the 'year of King Zhao of Qin', which are all the work of MI Yue, marquis Pang and others.

5. Qin Yue How long has empress dowager Xuan been emperor

this view of Chen Jingyuan is naturally controversial. Some people say, "emperor" was first seen in Ying Zheng, and the six countries have not been unified. How can there be the title of "emperor"? Chen Jingyuan also has his own explanation for this. He believes that all those who "claim the throne" in history are "Emperors" rather than pursuing other positions. As the name suggests, the so-called "emperor" is to change the title to Emperor. Qin's "claim to be emperor" was recognized by some vassal states. Another thing that needs to be noticed is the Warring States policy Zhao policy, which says that "Qin was eager to encircle Zhao, before competing with King min of Qi to become emperor. Now King min of Qi has become weak, and now only Qin is dominant in the world. His intention is to be emperor. Zhao Chengfa envoys respect Qin as emperor, and Qin will be happy."

how long has Mi Yue been emperor? According to Chen Jingyuan's conclusion after consulting a number of historical materials, he said that the "chronology of the six kingdoms in historical records" recorded that "Qin was emperor in October and king in December." The golden throne of the "West emperor" of Qin is not empty. According to the biography of Marquis Yi in the historical records, "Lu Lilai, and the Qi and Qin Dynasties returned to the emperor as kings." It means that after MI Yue became emperor for three months, Lu Li, a thinker in the Warring States period, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of claiming the emperor, and finally forced the state of Qin to change its mind and suspend the activity of "claiming the emperor"

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