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Wang Xuan: Contemporary Bisheng founder scholar Chinese character printing bid farewell to lead and fire

time solidified at this moment: at 11:03 on February 13, 2006, Academician Wang Xuan, a famous scientist known as "contemporary Bisheng", drove a crane westward and left forever. According to his colleagues, he walked very quietly and peacefully, as if he had no regrets

"life is valuable only if you can make contributions to mankind"

indeed, in people's view, Wang Xuan's life should not have any regrets. Talking about his achievements, his colleagues and students are familiar with it: the laser phototypesetting system of Chinese characters developed by him triggered a technological revolution in China's printing industry, which "bid farewell to lead and fire and entered light and electricity"; He presided over the development of Huaguang and founder electronic publishing system, which accounted for 99% of the domestic newspaper market, 90% of the book and magazine (black and white) publishing market, and 80% of the overseas Chinese newspaper market, and entered Japan and South Korea, and achieved great economic and social benefits

friends commented on the scientist: "in the history of Chinese civilization, we can never forget these people: Cangjie created Chinese characters, so that civilization can settle down; Lisi unified Chinese characters, so that civilization can flow; Bi Sheng invented movable type printing, so that civilization can spread to every corner of the world; Wang Xuan let Chinese characters bid farewell to paper and pen, lead and fire, and let Chinese character culture enter a new era."

Wang Xuan often said, "life is valuable only if you can make contributions to mankind." I clearly remember listening to Professor Wang Xuan at a small symposium held at Peking University about 10 years ago. He said, "in the past, when I visited abroad, I saw that the scientific research conditions and living conditions abroad were much better than those at home. At that time, my salary was very low, and there was no bonus. There was only a 9-inch black-and-white TV in my family. But I didn't feel jealous and inferiority complex at all, because in the future, I will prove that my contribution to mankind is greater than theirs!"

"the size of my contribution in the future mainly depends on how many young people I have trained"

but in Wang Xuan's heart, I really have some regrets. "In my life, I have 10 dreams, five of which have come true, and the other five need me to realize together with young people." His 10 dreams are closely related to the career he has worked for for for decades. The first five -- "develop laser phototypesetting system, bid farewell to lead and fire; develop remote transmission based on page description language, bid farewell to newspaper fax machine; develop open color desktop publishing system, bid farewell to traditional electronic color separation machine; develop editing and data retrieval system, bid farewell to paper and pen; develop overseas Chinese newspaper market" -- have come true, and another five are becoming a reality. But he regretted that he did not personally turn these dreams into reality. For this reason, he placed all his ardent expectations on young people

as soon as he was over 55 years old, he immediately made a suggestion: "the national major project, 863 program, and academic leaders should be less than or equal to 55 years old." The result of his 4.4 experiment means to exclude himself. In 1993, 56 year old Wang Xuan made another shocking decision: quit the front line of scientific research and give full support to young people. He said, "in the future, the size of my contribution will mainly depend on how many operating procedures and precautions of tensile testing machines I have cultivated: young people."

zhuzhiwei, the font development director of Founder printing business department of Peking University, was very sad to hear the news of Wang Xuan's death. More than 10 years ago, he was a factory worker. When I came to Fangzheng company for an interview, the examiner was Wang Xuan. Wang Xuan found that he had technical expertise and was a rare talent, so he asked him what he wanted. Zhu Zhiwei said that he only wanted to retain the identity of ownership by the whole people. Wang Xuan said, "OK, I'll do it for you." However, fangzheng is an enterprise establishment, and this problem can be solved only by entering Peking University. Wang Xuan personally found the president of Peking University and said that I would rather recruit less doctors than transfer this person. Zhu Zhiwei finally got his wish. He said with emotion, "from a worker to a development director, my growth is inseparable from the help of Teacher Wang Xuan."

"pursue enthusiastically because you love and want to explore the unknown"

Wang Xuan once had a famous saying, A brilliant discussion about celebrities and Mortals: "What's the difference between celebrities and mortals? What celebrities have used is cultural relics, and what mortals have used is waste; what celebrities have done wrong is called celebrity anecdotes, and mortals are stupid; celebrities are unreasonable, which is called eloquence, and mortals are sophistry; celebrities shake hands with people, which is called approachable, and mortals are fawning on others; celebrities dress untidy, which is called really artistic temperament, mortals Well, it's flowing; Celebrity drinking is called binge drinking, while mortals are called greedy drinking; When celebrities get old, their titles become Wang Lao, and mortals can only call them Lao Wang. "

Wang Xuan is willing to be a mortal. I remember interviewing the Party Congress of Peking University a few years ago. As a representative of the party, Mr. Ji Xianlin, a master of Sinology, said to him that you should write more about Wang Xuan. He has made great contributions to society. According to Mr. Ji's instructions, several interviews with Professor Wang Xuan were rejected by him for various reasons

Long Qin, who was a doctoral student of Professor Wang Xuan and has studied and lived beside him for eight years, spoke of his tutor with gratitude: "Professor Wang is very principled academically. As long as he is not involved in the project, he will never be named, and as long as he is not writing his own papers, he will never sign his name. He often modifies, checks and gives advice for my articles, but never agrees to add his name."

Wang Xuan had countless honors in his life, but he regarded fame and wealth as floating clouds. He said, "the initial motivation of an accomplished scientist is by no means to win any prize for peek resin's outstanding sliding properties in all plastics, or to get any fame and benefits. The reason why they pursue it enthusiastically is because they love and want to explore the unknown." He added, "if a scientist often appears on TV, his scientific life will be over."

Wang Xuan is the founder of founder of Peking University. Speaking of the origin of the company's name, people familiar with the matter said that it came from a passage in the book of Han Dynasty Chao CuO Zhuan: "observe the body but dare not frame it, obey the law and don't be selfish, spare no effort and dare not be arrogant, don't avoid death in times of trouble, don't see virtue above it, don't receive salary beyond its amount, and don't honor death. If you act like this, you can be called a righteous person."

no matter according to the ancient point of view or modern standards, no matter from outstanding achievements or noble character, the so-called "contemporary Bisheng" and "founder", Wang Xuan is well deserved

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