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Selection of gluing robot

in the automobile manufacturing industry, engine cover gluing, gearbox gluing, beam and window gluing. In addition, it is also widely used in polyurethane gluing, thermosol, styrofoam, etc., and automatic gluing robots are also widely used in the spot coating of sealant for instruments and meters

to select the glue robot, you should first understand the glue performance of the glue, whether it needs heating, whether it needs to flow 24V DC +/⑴ 0% 50/60hz quantity control, viscosity adjustment, etc., determine the characteristics of the workpiece to be coated, determine how many motion mechanisms are required, and how a motion process is more appropriate, and at the same time, you can confirm the working range and determine the maximum effective motion range. If it is the glue coating of multiple workpieces, We should consider the space required by the largest workpiece. In addition, we should also pay attention to the cooperation between the fixture and the motion mechanism, and whether we need signals such as electronic arrival

finally, it is necessary to consider the special working properties, such as whether two or more glue guns are needed, whether guns need to be replaced after work, and the weight of the whole glue gun and its auxiliary structure, so that the mechanical structure can be completely outlined and accurately selected

in terms of electric control, it is necessary to determine the speed attribute of the movement, because it is not necessary to apply the glue quickly, which greatly reduces the cost. It is also necessary to control the speed according to the concentration and flow of the glue, which can be completed in the appropriate electrical configuration The most complicated is the use of control system, because a mechanism needs a lot of electrical signals, such as safety signals There are 9 combinations of workpiece arrival signal, gluing start signal, emergency stop model and gluing task completion model, which require a lot of i/o to complete. The general system will not have so many signal interfaces. We can connect PLC externally, which not only saves the cost, but also reduces the detection complexity in case of failure. Of course, this requires more effort in programming

the general glue applicator is based on the servo control principle, so the system has a variety of options. The control signal is nothing more than digital or analog, which depends on the customer's habits

of course, the selection of glue applicator requires professional people to add other materials such as non-metallic, metallic or organic materials to the pure resin. After having detailed technical requirements, the personnel can choose it through data analysis. In addition, they also need to have long-term field application experience in the industry, and the specific situation needs specific analysis

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