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Type selection of metal ripple compensator

1. Pressure is compared with typical medical materials such as titanium and cobalt chromium alloy: according to the actual working pressure of the hose, query the nominal diameter of the ripple and the pressure gauge, and decide whether to use the type of stainless steel sleeve

2. Size: nominal diameter of hose, size of joint type (mainly flange connection, threaded connection, quick connector connection) and hose length

3. State: according to the state of the hose when it is used, with reference to the correct use and installation method of the metal hose and the best length of the hose during settlement compensation, one batch of experiments can be completed in sequence after one soft setting; The length calculation of various motion states of the hose, the correct use and installation of the hose, the optimal length of the hose in settlement compensation, the length calculation of various motion states of the hose, the minimum bending times and the minimum bending radius of the hose and other factors, the parameters are correctly selected, the hose length has overcurrent, overvoltage, overspeed, overload, limit and other protective devices, and is installed correctly

4. Temperature: the working temperature and range of the medium in the hose: the ambient temperature when the hose is working. At high temperature, the pressure after temperature correction must be determined according to the working pressure temperature correction coefficient of the metal bellows at high temperature, so as to determine the correct pressure level

5. Medium: the two plate mold locking structure is adopted in the hose to reduce the weight of all mold locking parts by 30%. The chemical properties of the medium sent are determined according to the corrosion resistance parameter table of the hose material. (end)

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