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Selection of lighting equipment

Abstract: lighting equipment is essential for the appearance and function of any room. Nowadays, the choice of lighting equipment is more diverse. In order to help you choose the best style you need, we provide you with some simple tips for choosing lamps

key words: lighting equipment selection appearance function Untitled Document is essential for the appearance and function of any room. Nowadays, the choice of lighting equipment is more diverse. In order to help you choose the best style you need, we provide you with some simple tips for choosing lamps. Spotlights, table lamps and floor lamps spotlights can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, doorways and any places that need additional lighting equipment, because they are mostly less than 50cm, and they can provide suitable light. Desk lamps can be placed anywhere, with a height of 60cm to 80cm. They are mostly used for basic lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants and family members' rooms. The table lamp is generally about 30cm to 50cm high, but it has more stringent specifications and inspection standards that can be used in specific work areas. Floor lamp is one of the best lighting equipment. It is especially suitable for dark corners or areas, which cannot be illuminated by ordinary lighting equipment. When the area of the table is limited, wall lamp is an ideal choice. These lights are most suitable for the bedroom. Lamps are indispensable decorations in home decoration. The style of the lamp and its appearance color are as important as indoor wallpaper, carpet or paint. Some of the most popular lighting types today are dark brown, beige, dark white and rust. However, bright copper still tops the list. Please remember: if you buy a lamp with a third gear switch, you must also buy a third gear bulb. As far as a three gear switch itself is concerned, it will not provide three levels of lighting. Generally speaking, the height of the lamp shade must be consistent with the length from the lamp holder to the bulb socket. However, some of the latest styles of lights and spotlights do not necessarily follow this principle. The lampshade should be at least consistent with the widest part of the lamp body. Most people prefer the lampshade to be a few centimeters wider than the lamp. Based on the line of sight, the bottom of the lampshade should cover the bottom of the socket. The lamp holder supports the lampshade and is used to raise and lower the lampshade. The size of the lampshade can be expressed by three measures. The first represents the top diameter, the second represents the bottom diameter, and the third represents the height of the lampshade. Any material can be used to make lampshades, but the most commonly used are silk, cotton, linen, plastic or vinyl and paper. Ceiling fixtures chandeliers - ceiling fixtures - pendants swags and chandeliers all ceiling fixtures provide excellent lighting for the room. Chandeliers can be used to provide more light to specific areas such as dining tables. Tile chandeliers or chandeliers provide sufficient lighting for the restaurant. In order to prevent people from touching their heads when they get up, the chandelier should be installed more than 30 cm away from the dining table. The diameter of the vulnerable part 3 of the fixed lamp: the electromechanical device should be 30 cm, less than the width of the table, and placed directly above the table. In order to prevent accidents, the stairs should be illuminated from top to bottom, and there are switches at both ends. Fixed ceiling or built-in lighting equipment can provide the light required by stairs. Install a lamp with a fixed base on the ceiling of the lobby. For safety reasons, fixed lighting devices are installed every m in the corridor. In rooms with ceilings higher than 2.4m and dark floors and walls, lighting lamps with larger wattage should be used. Wall mounted lights are lighting fixtures fixed to the wall to provide lighting for specific areas such as the dressing mirror in the corridor or bathroom. Although the traditional style with brackets is still widely used among the types of wall lamps, more modern Candlestick lamps are becoming more and more popular, especially in corridors and spotlights. In order to prevent accidents on stairs, wall lamps can provide the required lighting, especially when ceiling lamps cannot be used. Lying in bed reading, you can use a pair of wall base lamps or chandeliers, placed 76 cm above the mattress. Bathroom lighting it is very important to provide sufficient light for the dressing table and mirror in the bathroom. We suggest that you can install a downward light on the active mirror that improves heavy metals, and it is also worth trying to install lights on both sides of the mirror, so as to reduce the shadow of the face. In recent years, the choice of bathroom lighting equipment is getting wider and wider. One of them is the "design and combination" bathroom lamp. You choose the best bracket, and then choose a lampshade suitable for this bracket from many glass lampshades. You will like the bathroom lighting equipment designed and made by yourself. In the bathroom, fixed lighting equipment with ceiling can provide sufficient light. Decorative spotlight decorative accent lighting the most commonly used decorative spotlights include lighting for cabinets at the bottom of the kitchen, entertainment and antique display cabinets, spotlights and backlights at the top of the cabinets, and footlights around the bottom. Halogen lamps are commonly used. More decorative new footlights have gradually replaced the old fluorescent lamps. Outdoor lights outdoor lights provide necessary lighting for aisles, steps and doorways, which can make your home safer and more at ease. Outdoor lights are connected with timers and photocells. When you travel away from home, it can create an effect that someone is at home, which makes you feel more at ease. And when you go home after dark, you can ensure good lighting in the area around the house. Although rustproof cast aluminum materials have become popular, the most commonly used outdoor equipment is still copper wall lamps. Usually, a lamp on one side of each door is the place with the least brightness in the appearance of a house. You can try adding a wall lamp or other equipment on both sides of the door and a chandelier or rear lamp near the driveway and aisle. Until normal, outdoor lanterns used indoors have become a popular trend. You can use smaller lanterns to light up your dressing room, small lobby, lounge or building

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