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Traditional printing skills have entered Chongqing primary school classrooms.

pulp and paper making, movable type printing, these great inventions that condense national wisdom, are no longer just knowledge in books, but a reality within reach for the students in airport new city. Recently, the Hongyan new youth project team of Chongqing Youth Working Committee entered the airport Xincheng primary school and brought a lively and interesting paper making + movable type printing experience class to more than 50 young pioneers

under the guidance of the teacher, the children flexibly used movable type printing in the injection molding class of nano cellulose PLA (polylactic acid) composite materials for these knives, forks, spoons and other products. Papermaking

when papermaking and movable type printing were vividly presented to the children of the school, they showed great interest one after another. In combination with the illustrated PPT, the teachers of the project team told them about the writing tools and printing used by people in the process of phase change, the invention and transmission path of papermaking and movable type printing, and the impact of these two inventions on people's lives before they improved papermaking and invented movable type printing. When discussing the difference between papermaking and printing in 2018, the children rushed to speak faster and more convenient. It can be used again, saving costs

under the guidance of the teacher, children can flexibly use movable type printing in class compared with ordinary plastic bags. Papermaking

How can a piece of bark become the paper people use for writing? With these questions, the children started a journey about papermaking again. The teachers explained the steps of papermaking and movable type printing in detail, and invited the students to experience these novel projects. The children who had listened and observed carefully suddenly became active and raised their hands to experience the ancient copy technology. In this experience class, we can not only learn knowledge, but also improve our practical ability and feel the magical charm of China's four great inventions. During the experience, the children praised the magic of printing and the wisdom of the ancients

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