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Emerson and Tongji University jointly build the industry 4.0 laboratory

this cooperation, the two sides will jointly build a smart factory data platform through complementary advantages, resource sharing and other ways, jointly respond to the call of China's Higher Education Department, practice industry university cooperation, and cultivate more talents of the new era for made in China 2025

On April 11, Emerson Process Management and Tongji University signed a strategic cooperation agreement between the University and the enterprise. At the same time, the Emerson Process Management Industry 4.0 joint experimental center of Tongji University was officially completed in Jiading campus, and the unveiling ceremony was held. In the future, the two sides will further deepen cooperation in the construction of industry 4.0 laboratories, teacher training, excellent undergraduate class internship and graduate student internship bases, technology competition scholarships, enterprise mentors, ability training and the reform of the teaching system of excellent classes

Dr. Feng xiaodeguo, Dean of Sino German Institute of engineering at Tongji University, and Dr. Yao Jun, vice president of Siemens process industry and drive group and general manager of automation department, and German general coordinator Prof. Hans orth and Zhongwang not only provided all aluminum materials, but also Chen Ming, deputy dean of Sino German Institute of engineering and director of industry 4.0 - Smart factory laboratory, sbine Porsche, Deputy Dean, Gu Xin, director of the Institute Office Some workers adopt Jin Wenrui, deputy director of general belt industry 4.0 intelligent factory laboratory, Chen Deji, technical director, Dave gocek, vice president of human resources in Asia Pacific region of Emerson Process Management, shaochangsong, vice president of human resources in China, Hou Lixia, sales director in East China, Ji Lei, senior director of industry solutions and full life cycle services, Qu Zhao, business director of applied technology solutions Wang Yijun, director of system business development, Yi Fuhua, CEO of PUAO, Xie Dongping, CFO, and others attended the signing and laboratory unveiling ceremony

the process industry 4.0 laboratory jointly built by both parties this time is mainly composed of DSC industrial process control, PLC mechanical motion control, AMS asset management, important equipment health status monitoring and equipment pre maintenance, APC advanced process control, OPC server site level and management database interconnection, HMI human-machine interface, MES production process execution management system, ERP financial, personnel and office systems, Cloud server is composed of cloud computing, cell phone mobile monitoring and control and other functional modules. Emerson will build a smart factory data platform by providing its pervasive measurement technology, and pu'ao will be responsible for the technical support of cloud computing, and finally realize the automation of industry 4.0 and the manufacturing process of intelligent digital chemical plants through cloud server access. The completion of the laboratory will be a joint practice of the call of the Department of higher education by both sides, and through school enterprise cooperation, we will build an industry-leading and benchmarking industrial 4.0 education infrastructure. By combining the Internet + concept with the leading process automation technology, it provides students with a theoretical and practical learning platform, and provides students with rich resources to further explore the industrial IOT technology, so that they can more appropriately understand and feel the actual industrial needs and development direction, so that their learning and innovation are more targeted and the fact is. In addition, the completion of the laboratory will also help promote the establishment of industry standards and lay the foundation for the healthy development of industrial automation. Feng Xiao, Dean of Sino German Engineering College of Tongji University, said: today's world industrial development has entered a new stage characterized by emerging technologies such as IOT, mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing. Tongji University, which has been committed to cultivating top-notch Tongji University, is a university directly under the Ministry of Education under the key construction of the National 985 project and the 211 project. In the course of running a school for more than 100 years, we have always adhered to the balanced development of four major functions: Talent Training, scientific research, social services, cultural inheritance and innovation. As the window of Tongji University for foreign exchange, Sino German university is committed to continuously introducing the most advanced technology to continuously improve our competitiveness. This time, through cooperation with Emerson, an internationally leading well-known enterprise, the two sides will actively respond to the call of the Department of higher education, further improve the infrastructure construction of the school, and provide a better learning and growth platform for students; At the same time, it will also help us further advance towards the goal of world-class universities

in order to actively respond to the call of the 2015 annual comprehensive reform project of university student cooperation majors and the joint fund project of the national college student innovation and entrepreneurship training program of the Department of higher education of the Ministry of education, Emerson has continuously deepened the school enterprise cooperation projects, and actively explored and expanded the comprehensive reform project of university student industry cooperation majors and the joint fund project of the national college student innovation and entrepreneurship training program

aimer production science cooperation project

1 Establish excellent engineer classes, applied undergraduate and graduate internship bases

2 Enterprise tutors and visiting professors

3 Young teachers' practice and application ability training

renovation and protection will be carried out in two or three years. 4 Co build laboratories

5 Student ability training and teaching system reform

6 Jointly compile textbooks

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