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Traditional printing enterprise ERP can't catch up with the Internet train

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core tip: trend is like a train. We stand on the platform and watch digital trains pass by. Everyone has been on the trains of prepress process, CTP, digital proofing, digital pre inking... Successively, In the face of the oncoming factors affecting the verification of non-metallic experimental machines, we all feel that ERP management of printing enterprise resources is very important. When should we catch this ERP train? Should we choose bullet trains or high-speed trains to reach our destination smoothly

[China Packaging News] the trend is like a train. We stand on the platform and watch digital trains pass by. We have successively boarded the trains of prepress process, CTP, digital proofing and digital pre inking. Facing the oncoming internet printing environment, we all think that ERP is very important to manage the resources of printing enterprises. When should we catch this ERP train? Should we choose bullet trains or high-speed trains to reach our destination smoothly

in the past, we used ERP to let computers help us keep accounts and manage business. Originally, we thought it was very good! However, we found that some printing enterprises can actually use ERP to manage production, customer service and cooperation, and the turnover can continue to grow for several consecutive years. Only then do we know that some ERP are completely different from our stereotype

recently, the opening press conference of printing e-commerce has mushroomed in your print media group. Several new e-commerce companies have appeared in Zhengzhou alone, including yin360, Duncan, yinba, etc. they were busy signing contracts with the express printing store just after they came on the stage. Well known printing e-commerce companies such as Yitu, yintongtianxia and evergreen Jianhao are also promoting cooperation with Express Printing stores; Sunshine printing and cloud printing promote cooperation with printing plants

observing the domestic industrial development situation, we will certainly find that cooperation is the main theme of the future development of the printing industry. Because of the Internet, cooperation becomes easier. If you take the order, I'll print it; On the contrary, I will provide my customers with the products you have. Cooperation will be the new normal of future business

there are basic rules of the game for future printing cooperation. The connecting line of cooperation is the network. Of course, the two ends of the network are computers. Orders and documents are transmitted through the network. Take the five major online printing (combined Edition) companies in Taiwan as an example. Their competition is to win over those big agents who can provide hundreds of orders every day. As long as the big agents send the documents into the computer hard disk of the printing plant, the documents enter the production process, and then enter and export the goods until the prints are delivered to the big agents. No one needs to press a key, but the computer records all the data, Send an electronic statement at the end of the month

the management system that requires people to take orders disappeared in Taiwan's just a few years of combined printing history

when you visit Taiwan's combined plate printing factory, you will feel that the production management is very smooth and the processing of a large number of orders is orderly. In fact, this is the reason why they control costs and manage smoothly, which sticks to the cooperation of many large and small partners

if the production process cannot be automated or the production management and customer service cannot be connected, it has to be managed and processed by hand. When orders increase, the number of people has to increase, and the efficiency naturally decreases. If the cooperation depends on and depends on it, it cannot keep up with the needs of the times, and the partners run away

in order to meet the future printing demand, the printing factory is bound to transform the management system, starting with ERP. Even though the original ERP management has been in place, if the production process and orders cannot be included in the management together, the so-called cooperation is just a mirage

only when computers manage production can there be enough data to use computers to customer service. Cooperation requires seamless, that is, there are few people, or even no one

customers cannot enter order information for every order. Partners have 300 orders a day. If they need to enter orders 300 times, they won't play with you

paperless construction order is not to look at the construction order on the computer screen. 300 orders a day have to slide the screen to find the construction order. It's strange not to mess up

big customers give you many jobs that are the same every day, whether it is special edition or combined edition. If you can't let the computer automatically process 300 orders a day, it takes three times as much manpower as 100 orders

it is reported that Vistaprint has 50000 orders a day, and lightingsource handles 100000 orders a day. Taiwan Forum will be the top event in the international high-performance plastic manufacturing industry. Wan Jianhao is convenient for sample clamping in every aspect, and more than 10000 orders a day are managed through a single system ERP

ERP of a single system refers to a system that not only manages enterprise resources, but also manages orders and production processes, without requiring people to coordinate the three management systems

if ERP cannot manage the production process (whether it is commercial printing or label packaging printing), as soon as the Internet cooperation is opened, it is expected that 500 or 1000 orders will continue to grow every day, and the chaos of the printing factory will increase proportionally.

If trend is used as a tool for operating printing enterprises, this is the way to think about ERP transformation

(1) first look at whether the management function of ERP is suitable for your printing factory. If the ERP supplier has served a printing factory of the same type as you, it can be managed well with limited modifications, because the experience of the previous customers has satisfied the resource infrastructure of your factory, so you only need to add your own characteristics

otherwise, you have to sort out your own needs and develop, modify and improve them with ERP suppliers. There are many ERP suppliers, and the right experience is suitable for the printing factory

(2) let's see if they have the technical ability to manage cooperation. How are orders and documents related? When there are more orders, how can the operator not use the construction order and make no mistake about the process

the truth that Internet business always pursues is to increase orders without increasing manpower

the first is the basic needs, which is also the experience of managing the same type of printing enterprises

the second is the future demand, which is also the reason for today's printing plant reconstruction

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