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Traditional publishing enterprises should speed up the transformation and actively explore the road of digitalization

with the rapid development of science and technology, the publishing industry has become an industry relying on content innovation and technology support. As an emerging industry, digital publishing represents the direction and trend of the future development of the publishing industry. Traditional publishing enterprises should attach great importance to and actively participate in, seize the opportunity, accelerate the transformation, constantly develop new technologies, launch new products, expand new formats, achieve new development, and successfully explore a digital road of China's publishing industry

(I) vigorously integrate publishing resources and accelerate the cultivation of core products of digital publishing. The development of digital publishing industry is inseparable from high-quality digital content products. Without the support of high-quality content, digital publishing will become a water without source and a tree without roots. Traditional publishing institutions have unique advantages in content resources. They should use various digital content production, conversion and processing platforms to integrate, develop and utilize content resources in an all-round, deep-seated and targeted manner, accelerate the digitization of existing publishing resources, and create high-quality digital publishing content products. By integrating newspapers, periodicals, books, audio-visual products, electronic publications, digital publishing business and publishing, printing reproduction, distribution and other resources, publishing and media groups should accelerate the deep integration and benign interaction between traditional publishing and digital publishing, form a digital publishing product system covering Internet, mobile Internet and various new communication platforms, and realize the development of all media and the whole industry chain. On this basis, we should accelerate the construction of the national digital publishing content resource database, vigorously develop advantageous industries such as web publishing, e-books, and high-quality academic journal databases, establish and improve the national digital content resource database covering all fields, and significantly improve the quantity and quality of digital publishing products

(II) promote industrial upgrading and scientific and technological innovation, and accelerate the cultivation of modern digital publishing enterprises. At present, China's publishing industry is undergoing profound institutional changes. On the basis of the completion of enterprise restructuring, the vast majority of publishing institutions are, in accordance with the requirements of the modern enterprise system, starting with deepening institutional mechanisms, innovating technological means and promoting scientific development, actively using high-tech and advanced equipment to transform traditional infrastructure, and constantly improve the scientific and technological application and modernization level of publishing enterprises. We should speed up the digital transformation of books, newspapers and periodicals, electronic audio-visual publishing units, actively adopt high-tech and modern production methods such as digital and networking, transform traditional creation, production and communication modes, and establish new content production methods, digital communication carriers and communication channels. We should accelerate the digital transformation of printing, reproduction and distribution enterprises, accelerate the independent research and development of printing and reproduction equipment manufacturing industry, vigorously develop digital printing, and accelerate the construction of large-scale digital publication delivery platforms. We should promote large publishing and media groups and high-tech companies to jointly tackle core technologies, key technologies and common technologies, strengthen the application of new technologies and equipment such as digital content processing, storage, transmission and reading, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements, and constantly improve the innovation level of digital publishing. We should actively explore new ways for the development of the digital publishing industry, accelerate the development of new digital publishing products represented by audio reading, e-books, e-book packs, digital newspapers, and databases of high-quality academic journals, as well as new formats represented by the in-depth adjustment of China's economy, such as online publishing, publishing, and cloud publishing, and cultivate a number of new digital publishing and media groups characterized by digital leadership and all media operations, Improve the core competitiveness and overall strength of the publishing industry with new technologies and new formats

(III) accelerate the construction of major projects and technological research and development, and promote the leapfrog development of the publishing industry. In recent years, the innovation of digital publishing technology based on search engine, publishing, e-reader, etc. has changed with each passing day, which has promoted the increasingly rich forms of digital publishing products and the increasing demand for digital reading, and effectively promoted the development and progress of the publishing industry. In the next few years, through the efforts of all parties, we should give full play to the joint efforts of publishing and media enterprises, technology providers, platform operators and other parties, jointly tackle key problems, make new breakthroughs in cloud publishing technology, satellite digital distribution technology, digital copyright protection technology, multimedia technology, reading terminal technology and other important fields, and master a number of core technologies in the field of digital publishing and new media, Strive to form a digital publishing technology support system with independent intellectual property rights. We should make new breakthroughs in the construction of major projects such as large-scale comprehensive publication delivery platform, national digital reading, rural Bookstore digital construction project, E-Book Package and supporting resources digital project, accelerate the application of Internet, IOT and cloud computing technology, build an open, comprehensive and multi-functional integrated Publishing Logistics communication information platform, and create a multi coverage platform based on Internet, mobile Internet, cable television and live satellite The digital publishing content dissemination system with advanced technology and fast transmission and the modern publishing logistics system with the combination of online and offline circulation, which integrates the product logistics, centralized distribution and e-commerce of Jurong Ningwu new materials Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise in the border city, have been used for publishing and publishing. The implementation of a number of strategic, guiding and leading national digital publishing major projects has effectively promoted the overall strategic transformation, structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the publishing industry

(IV) accelerate the support and guidance of digital publishing policies and build a good development environment. To develop healthily, an industry must be guaranteed by a good market environment. The development of digital publishing industry is also inseparable from the support and guidance of government departments. In recent years, the General Administration of publishing has encouraged publishing enterprises to actively carry out digital publishing business, and has issued a series of policy documents related to promoting the development of digital publishing industry, such as "several opinions on accelerating the development of China's digital publishing industry", "opinions on developing the E-book Industry", "guiding opinions on accelerating the reform and development of publishing media groups" and "several opinions on Accelerating China's publishing industry to go global". In June this year, the World Intellectual Property Organization Diplomatic Conference on the protection of audio-visual performances was successfully held in China, and the Beijing Treaty on audio-visual performances was successfully concluded, reflecting the high affirmation of the international community on China's intellectual property protection in recent years. At present, the national copyright administration is organizing a sample of two organizations to revise the copyright law for the third time. During the year, a number of normative documents such as the regulations on the administration of online publishing services will be issued. The general office of the State Council for the allocation and production of digital publishing resources issued the notice on restricting the production and sale of plastic shopping bags (hereinafter referred to as the "plastic restriction order"), and the development environment of the industry will be further optimized and improved

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