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Emerson launched a new generation of PlantWeb digital ecosystem architecture

taking advantage of the east wind of industrial IOT, Emerson launched a new generation of PlantWeb digital system architecture. We have a dominant position system architecture, which includes a series of hardware, software, digital equipment and services based on standards and variable scale. It will provide integrated industrial IOT solutions for the process industry and help enterprises avoid the "cold winter", Achieve real "burden reduction"

today's enterprises are trying to seek innovation and transformation. Science and technology are fundamental. Many users don't know how to implement this digital transformation into their own factories and obtain real benefits. In addition, plantwo digital ecosystem architecture fully takes into account the needs of users in recent days. It can not only expand digital intelligence to the whole enterprise, but also be compatible with the original platform. In addition to reliable process control, safety and equipment management systems, it can also support the optimal operation of the whole plant

Mike train, executive president of Emerson automation solutions: "Emerson doesn't want this to be a large-scale IT revolution, but wants to start with small aspects and gradually realize it."

70% of the solutions start with small applications and bring value to users through direct implementation. Another 30% of the more complex solutions are for large enterprises, such as Sinopec, who want to raise information to the level of group management and become an operation management center. On this basis, Emerson provides software applications to help them operate factories in different parts of the country

the natural gas calibration car provided by Emerson solves users' doubts very well

when it comes to industrial connectivity, it is inevitable to mention the cloud. Some users will consider applying private cloud services. Emerson and Microsoft can provide cloud based solutions, such as providing remote expert services for valves in remote expert services: including remote diagnosis, regularly issuing diagnostic reports and other different types of services

Emerson communicates with users from the perspective of users, understands the challenges faced by users in their applications, and then helps enterprises solve the problems they face from the perspective of Emerson. When enterprises are still talking about the benefits of industrial IOT, Emerson has made users see the actual return on investment in IOT through PlantWeb digital ecosystem

at present, PlantWeb has become a highly integrated industrial IOT product portfolio with complete coverage in the industry. With the power of industrial IOT, it further extends digital intelligence to the entire manufacturing enterprise, and provides a comprehensive framework for field applications, helping manufacturers achieve the best performance in safety, reliability, productivity and energy, helping them become benchmark enterprises, and will also build warehouses and storage facilities

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