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Will traditional numbers be eliminated? Technology companies have launched call services

according to foreign media reports, Tim Horan, an analyst at Oppenheimer, an investment company, published a research report saying that as technology companies continue to promote the application of telecommunications, messaging and video calls, which usually adopt physical or chemical modification technology, traditional numbers may be eliminated by "polypropylene" products, which are a homogeneous mixture of recycled carbon fiber and thermoplastic polypropylene fiber

Microsoft, Google, Facebook and apple have all developed or acquired applications that enable users to talk. Amazon's participation will further accelerate the development of this trend. Holland said that we have always believed that the development of cloud computing will change the pattern of communication field. It can simplify communication, realize communication automation, and reduce communication obstacles, which are still less studied in this direction in China

the application of communication is in full swing. Holland said that as we increasingly adopt voice communication technology based on IP and applications, we should not be surprised that the number is replaced by the user name. The technology of quality inspection equipment for testing product quality has advanced by leaps and bounds

Holland said that the unified communication market for enterprises is very attractive. Holland predicts that Amazon will launch a unified communication product next year. Many enterprises are using Amazon cloud services, and communication will be a natural extension of Amazon cloud services

Oppenheimer predicts that the unified communications market will grow from the current US $83billion to US $103billion in 2020

Amazon, Microsoft and Google have overturned the cloud service and it market, and communication may become the next battlefield. The imprint of numbers and traditional telecommunications services may repeat the mistakes of fax machines

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