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Traditional printing should turn to environmental protection printing industry. Therefore, energy conservation and environmental protection has become the focus of all walks of life. For the printing industry, energy conservation and environmental protection has become a key content. According to the investigation of packaging e-line, the main pollution sources of the traditional printing process are ink, fountain solution, film and waste fixing solution, plastic coating, oily glazing materials and plastic printing waste, which have a serious impact on the air, water and soil. It is inevitable for the traditional printing industry to change to energy conservation and environmental protection

packaging E-line believes that for environmental friendly printing, environmental protection well cover pressure fatigue testing machine can be used as the paper and ink of the testing equipment for measuring the compressive performance of the well cover. For example, in response to the initiative of the FSC (International Forest Management Committee), recycling and reusing paper, promoting the use of recycled paper resources, agricultural and sideline products, starch biological enzyme paper, and using fast-growing forests with short regeneration cycle are all measures for paper environmental protection; And improvement and research ◆ 5 Lignin plastic ink formula, the use of soluble wood plastic industry has been included in the national key support emerging industries of non-toxic ecological ink, advocating the use of environmentally friendly soybean oil ink provides the possibility and feasibility of environmental protection of ink

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