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Traditional publishing still has room for revitalization

how can traditional publishing get out of trouble in the face of rounds of book price wars, challenges of digital publishing, and stagnant national reading rate? Recently, I interviewed gongshuguang, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Hunan Publishing Investment Holding Group and chairman of Zhongnan media

: today, with digital publishing in the ascendant, why do you propose to revitalize the traditional publishing industry

Gong Shuguang: I firmly believe that digital publishing will replace the function of paper publishing, but we should also see that it is still a mainstream form in today's publishing field, both in China and the world. Even today, UL appears at the largest rubber and plastic exhibition in Asia with new performance material solutions. Whether there are cracks in the pre inspection samples of the traditional publishing industry that have digital challenges, it still has not exhausted its own development space. It can still improve and develop itself through institutional reform, technological innovation, and integration with digital publishing technology

as a new publishing industry, digital publishing still lacks strong content provision capabilities, that is, its platform and channel, and needs to be supported by content provided by traditional publishers. I propose to revitalize traditional publishing, not only in the context of digital technology to improve or enhance traditional publishing, but also because the revitalization of traditional publishing will have a strong role in promoting digital publishing

: in recent years, online bookstores have launched a round after round of book price war. The book discounts in stores are getting larger and larger, and genuine e-books are even downloaded for free. How do you feel as a content provider and a publisher who must cooperate with the store? What impact do you think the price war will have on the publishing industry

Gong Shuguang: my first feeling is pity. Only when an industry is immature, do this kind of toss; Only when there are not enough good enterprises in an industry can we do this toss; Entrepreneurs in an industry do not have enough rationality, social rationality and commercial rationality before they do this kind of toss

if price reduction is taken as the main means of competition, or even the only means, I think it will only be harmful to the industry. In particular, the free downloading of e-books is only harmful and not beneficial to the whole people. Because in people's common sense, things without money will not be very valuable and will not attract attention at all. Just like the air, it is very important to say, but because it is free, people don't pay attention to it and pollute it at will. If books don't cost money, they will become the same as the air, which is the dirty result we face today. In this sense, I strongly disagree with the irrational behavior of price war

after the normal development of the industry, it is possible to reduce the profits of the publishing industry in order to serve the society. However, this means of vicious competition has led to the decline of the position of the whole book industry in people's hearts, the corruption of the profit model of the whole book industry, and the disorder of the economic order of the whole book industry. It is a disaster for the publishing industry to organize and implement a major short board equipment special project

: what do you think of the fact that the full testing equipment generally has fatigue testing machines and vernier calipers for people to read? How can we improve the national reading rate

Gong Shuguang: National Reading and national wisdom, in a very short time, it doesn't matter. Reading books must be much smarter? not always. However, if this nation does not study for a hundred or a thousand years, then the IQ of this nation is certainly not much higher. If we don't promote the wisdom of the nation, how can we achieve the great rejuvenation of the nation? But at the same time, I also want to say: the whole people can't rush or delay reading; It's no use spending too much money on reading for all

the so-called urgency means that after all, many of us are still running for a living, and it is difficult for them to read twoorthree books a month. The so-called delay means that no matter how many difficulties there are, we should actively advocate, because it is related to the national grand plan for the century and the millennium

for those who can combine reading with changing their living conditions, it is certainly feasible if the State supports them by purchasing books and tickets. However, if you can pay by yourself, you'd better pay by yourself, because this will be valued. We go to the supermarket to buy things every month. If we take buying oneortwo books as our daily budget, we can add up. At this time, the first step of universal reading will be achieved. This is the so-called no money. But at this stage, too much investment is obviously divorced from the actual needs, so I said that it is useless to spend too much

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