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The traditional model has expired. How about the bathroom market in the new retail era?

the new retail in the era of science and technology can no longer be sold like traditional kitchen appliances. Countless industries rely on the Internet to rise. If you want to develop in the Internet era, the cost is that traditional enterprises are inevitably eliminated. Only by following the trend can enterprises not be submerged by the tide of science and technology

in the market under the Internet industry, the traditional model has been unable to show the prospects of the industry, and the iteration of consumers has forced enterprises to start the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise industrial chain with the change of consumer demand. Business is becoming more and more difficult and better. The sanitary ware market in the new retail era may re plan itself from the aspects of product experience, after-sales service and improving the industrial chain

business is not easy to do

with the development of science and technology and mobile Internet into all aspects of life, it is no longer possible to do business in the traditional way. At this time, the relaxation experimental machine is particularly important. The development of Commerce has made the monopoly of regional products a thing of the past, and there is no way to hide the price difference

people are more accustomed to understanding, placing orders and advocating brands. In recent years, the sales channels of small and medium-sized factories have become narrower and narrower. The advantage of relying on regional sales has weakened, and distance is no longer an advantage

at the same time, consumer demand is changing, and consumption upgrading and new consumption experience have become the trend. If you don't change, you will eventually be abandoned by consumers

at a time when the market situation is changing rapidly, how do they feel as dealers who struggle in the front line of the industry

Mr. Wang, who runs a small and medium-sized factory in a well-known building materials and bathroom market in Shanghai, revealed that in the past, opening a shop to do business was to wait for the business to come to the door, but now the Internet is becoming more and more developed, but I don't understand the Internet, let alone the current sales model on the Internet. Unconsciously, the old methods used to fail, and consumers are going to place orders. Our factory is not easy to do "

the way of doing business has changed

in the future, factories are intelligent factories that can bring consumers a good consumption experience and new consumption needs. Standardized products have gone downhill, and products that can meet personalized needs are becoming more and more popular

product production has moved towards such a way, creativity - expression - display - order - production - customer, and the product has moved from the production end to the demand end. Who can have an experienced expert team and deep technical accumulation in molding and processing can win if he masters the needs of customers at the first time, and it is very important to establish a connection with customers

now the platform creates value. Alibaba's investment in Yintai department store and tengxu's entry into Yonghui supermarket are platforms that connect physical stores, making them more efficient and improving consumer experience

it has achieved a win-win situation between the platform and physical stores, closely connected online and offline, brought value to offline physical stores online, and created a variety of profit models, a variety of product sales channels, providing product support and experience support offline

with the support of technology, intelligent and data-based management of products has become possible, and great changes have taken place in the sanitary industry in recent years. Intelligent products and eternal experience; Hardbound housing policy also makes countless small and medium-sized building materials and sanitary ware enterprises face new choices. In the future, it is the demand of consumers that leads the development of products to "thin-walled", that is, to reduce the wall thickness of products

new retail era of sanitary ware

in the Internet era, the transformation and upgrading of the sanitary ware industry has come. As a traditional industry, how should the sanitary ware industry cope with the new retail era

nowadays, the advent of the virtual era has led to the problem of consumers' trust in development. As a bathroom enterprise, the first thing to do is to build trust. From its own perspective, it should do a good job in terms of product quality and service, and then establish a supply chain to seek greater development opportunities in the form of resource integration

with the advent of a new era, online and offline integration, mutual access to resources, and information interconnection, make users' sense of experience better and better. All bathroom enterprises should continue to tap consumer needs and do a good job in the development of bathroom enterprises through experience services

the advent of the Internet and new retail era has added both opportunities and challenges to the development of sanitary ware enterprises. It is hoped that sanitary ware enterprises will seize this opportunity to provide users with a good sense of experience, meet consumer needs, promote China's sanitary ware manufacturing to "quality", and drive the transformation of the sanitary ware industry to vitality and success

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