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Traditional PET bottle filling technology has changed

a PET bottle fruit juice beverage produced by aseptic cold filling technology with fresher taste and richer vitamin content, which is more in line with the competitive advantage of green food dawn in China, was recently launched by Beijing Huiyuan Beverage and Food Group Co., Ltd. taking Panasonic as an example. The advent of this product not only brings a revolution to the traditional PET bottle filling technology of beverages in China, but also brings new market selling points to enterprises

the advantages of aseptic cold filling products with PET bottles are that they have fresher taste, richer nutrition, more convenient use, safer consumption, etc., and have become a new favorite in the international fruit juice beverage market. Huiyuan Group spent a lot of money to introduce the world's advanced pet work efficiency last year, which will greatly improve the aseptic cold filling technology of bottles. The temperature of materials in the thermoforming process will drop quickly, and the technology and equipment will become the first person in China to "eat crabs" in this field

it is understood that beverages such as tea, fruit juice and dairy products are products sensitive to microorganisms, which is a challenge to the traditional PET bottle filling technology when filling, because the possible microorganisms will cause the breeding of bacteria and mold, resulting in the destruction of product color and taste. The traditional way to solve this problem is to use hot filling, but the hot filling technology has many shortcomings, such as high container cost, taste deterioration caused by high temperature for a long time during filling, and high energy consumption

in recent years, aseptic cold filling has been considered as a feasible alternative to hot filling. This method uses standard lightweight bottles rather than heavy thermoformed containers. Different from hot filling, hot filling materials are not needed to ensure the sterilization of containers, but by controlling the sanitary conditions of the filling environment. A typical sterile cold filling line requires a bottle sterilizer, a lid sterilizer, a bottle washing machine, a connecting channel, a sterile water washing machine, a sterile water generator, and equipment for removing cleaning and sterilizing agents. At the same time, a clean room with high cost is required to install these equipment in it. It can be seen that this new technology has very strict requirements on sanitation and environment

in addition, this technology has extremely strict requirements for management: it is necessary to formulate a series of very strict health management systems; Formulate the product microbial tracking and detection system implemented in the whole production process; Formulate the analysis and evaluation system of product results, so as to achieve the timeliness and effectiveness of microbial control. Therefore, insiders pointed out that the implementation of aseptic cold filling technology for PET bottles in China will drive the improvement of the management level and staff quality of the entire beverage industry

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