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The revival of traditional media? British "digital generation" returns to paper books

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core tip: according to the survey data released by the shopping station "Yibei", the British "digital generation" growing up with various applications and digital downloads gradually returns to traditional media, preferring paper books, vinyl records, DVDs, CDs, etc

[China Packaging News] according to the survey data released by the shopping station "Yibei", the British "digital generation", which grew up with various application software and digital downloads, gradually returned to traditional media and preferred paper books, vinyl records, DVDs, CDs, etc. for a shorter life

according to the survey, about 83% of people aged 18 to 24 in the UK chose to buy a physical version of books, records and other goods last year rather than their digital version. Nearly two thirds of them bought paper books last year, 56% bought DVDs, and one quarter of them bought vinyl records. Citing the survey results, the daily mail of the UK reported that it is expected that the sales of e-books will decline this year from 339 million pounds (about 2.957 billion yuan) last year, while the sales of paper books are expected to increase by 6% to 1.7 billion pounds (14.827 billion yuan)

"Yibei" a spokesman said that the survey showed that people's basic appeal to traditional media is emotional, "We like the feeling of traditional media. About 70% of consumers simply like traditional media, such as hardcover books or vinyl records, 65% think that buying traditional media products is to spend time on themselves, and 62% want to reduce their dependence on the world with the help of traditional media"

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