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Traditional printed books will become collectibles

many people, after reading books for many years, only know that the content of books changes rapidly, but never expect that the mode of reading will suddenly change. Let's start with words, jumping from oracle bone inscriptions to bamboo, from engraving to movable type; The manufacture of books is also cut from a bamboo tree into pieces, and then strung into a pile at the head of the bed, which has been operated by most dealers in Anyang for more than 10 years, to the thread bound books bitten by insects, and then to the printing glue set at 32 Kai. Even if you put it on the bathroom, you didn't expect that one day the words will be placed on the screen and connected to the electricity, so you can read it

you can't finish reading a very thick book in a day, so you don't have to take it everywhere. As long as you go from computer d to reader or MP4, you can continue to read it in any posture, whether you take the subway or wait in a restaurant

books, in this way, have changed from the inherent mode of the former expensive form to an invisible parasite. In today's diversified reading mode, it is no longer a booklet, but a pile of words, but novels belong to novels, essays belong to essays, and Social Sciences belong to social sciences

the change of reading mode has also changed the circulation mode of traditional books. In the past, there were Xinhua bookstores and private bookstores, as well as foreign chain bookstores such as Bertelsmann, which delivered books to readers in the form of clubs and mail orders. With the popularity of Dangdang and Zhuoyue stores, shopping has replaced mail order, and bookstores include bookstores. The evolution of reading mode has also reached a climax of diversification after the emergence of a mode in which content introduction and homogeneous comparison can be seen without taking a car. With the signing of the publishing house and the author, free reading has become a reality from a dream

therefore, we should be grateful and cherish that we were born in such an era of diversified reading. However, in the past, on the grass in the campus sunshine, the scenery of those girls in white skirts concentrating on reading was gone. Instead, it would not cause unnecessary trouble. It was the girls in suspenders or low V-neck jeans, who were poking with their heads down and legs down. They said, it's also a book

isn't it

perhaps, one day, the so-called external type of traditional printed drawings is ad board. In the era of literacy, books will become a high-end art collection like thread bound books. But at least now, there are still a large number of readers who adhere to the traditional reading mode. They are still greedy for the ink and Book fragrance that e-books do not have. They like the elegance of reading books. It is convenient to press which key to read which article, but sometimes the book has more eternal symbolic significance than the hard, tasteless or even radiant screen

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