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Traditional printing and digital printing hybrid printing are rising quietly.

the initial definition of hybrid printing is to use digital and offset printing technology to produce the same product, for example, use offset printing machine to print the color cover of books, use digital printing machine to print inner pages, and then bind them together. With the progress of technology and the wide application of digital printing, enterprises that used to have only offset printing have also broadened their business scope, and the idea of using one workflow to drive two printing platforms has emerged. The biggest advantage of this is that it can improve the processing speed of live parts and provide customers with flexible printing services

with the wide acceptance of digital printing, the concept of digital printing has also expanded from simple digital production to the combination of sheet fed and web offset printing, forming a hybrid printing method. This means that a unified workflow can meet the needs of all printing platforms. Hybrid printing can realize the connection overprint of fixed information and variable information, give full play to the characteristics of offset printing in large quantities, low cost, high speed and the personalized advantages of digital printing, improve production efficiency, increase product added value, and bring the effect of 1+1 2 to printing enterprises

find the right location and select business

Yu Ergen, manager of Weidemann printing plant in Germany, said: we urgently need the synergy of offset printing and digital printing. This enterprise often looks for live parts that other printing service providers do not want to receive. For example, an entry-level set product for fruit and vegetable merchants, including not only a cooking apron and a CD, but also business cards, folders, instructions, personalized covers, etc., which are packed in paper bags and packaged with film

Yu Ergen said that they were not interested in live parts in such a production situation that a worker opened an offset press and produced at full capacity in three shifts. The business feature of Weidman printing house is to produce many small product parts and combine them. At present, more and more customers need complex printed matter. The development of this hybrid printing has a driving effect on printing plants: not many enterprises compete with these hybrid printing live parts, and the labor price is also rising. The higher the value of the order and the more complex the work, the more interested this printing factory with less than 20 employees is

expand equipment to ensure production

weideman printing plant continues to make use of new equipment in the printing industry, including silk printing machines, laser cutting machines and digital printing machines. Since the end of 1990, the equipment has been constantly updated. Weideman printing factory first used Heidelberg's on-line direct imaging printing machine, and then HP's indigo3050 digital printing machine. After the 2012 drupa exhibition, enterprises consciously expanded their business scope and invested in the Heidelberg linoprintc651 digital printing machine, which was more favored by users

linoprintc651 has a printing speed of 65 pages per minute and can process more than 400 kinds of substrates weighing 60~350 grams/square meter. Similar to offset printing, coated paper is fed into the printer through pneumatic separation. For Weidman printing factory to invest in the purchase of toner digital printing system, its important standard is that in addition to quality and economy, it also takes into account the possibility of post press processing: connecting linoprintc651 to a plockmatic-bk5030 booklet processing machine, a platform in developed countries that relies on its top scientific and technological innovation and economic strength, can page and bind printed sheets, fold and cut finished products according to the requirements of the spine. Ma Kai, the vice president of the State Council, has an aluminum processing capacity of 500000 tons/year. As the team leader, using the linoprint digital printer is much faster than offset printing, precisely because the products can complete binding and cutting synchronously. In contrast, offset printing products require ink to dry thoroughly, and it often takes a day to reach the level of wear resistance and scratch resistance. Yu Ergen said: fast speed is the competitive advantage we give full play to by using digital printing. Although time is money, money can't buy time. In order to establish a trusted relationship with customers, ensuring time is the best means. For example, once a customer needed 500 product brochures. Because the exhibition was in urgent need the next day, he needed to hand them in as soon as possible. It didn't matter whether the customer paid 280 euros or 520 euros for this. Weidman printing house has won the trust of the customer with the combination of digital printing and traditional printing

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