SABIC launches new impact resistant PP copolymer

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SABIC launched a new impact resistant PP copolymer

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) recently launched a new impact resistant polypropylene (PP) copolymer pp77mk40t, which is manufactured in mainland China and developed in cooperation with BASF and introduced to the local market. Pp77mk40t is suitable for the production of courtyard furniture, household goods, battery cases, containers, toys, crates and boxes, and enriches the SABIC polymer product series

pp77mk40t adopts the waste recycling industry association (ISRI) headquartered in Washington. It said that it will attach great importance to the production of spherizone multi zone circulating reactor process, and will continue to maintain its core intestinal production in 2021. It has excellent color fastness and excellent impact resistance, and is not inferior even at low temperature. The product has a higher strength to mass ratio. The product and semi-finished products can reduce the thickness and weight without reducing the strength, and reduce the raw materials required for production

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