Idyllic bedroom design creates the most Chunmei ma

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Simple and elegant colors give people a quiet atmosphere, which is both implicit and full, both introverted and durable. The simple and elegant temperament makes people palpitate

broken flowers seem to be the constant theme of rural home decoration. Whether it's British rural style or Korean rural style, you can always find this sweet pattern. The pure white European bedding is the most classic combination to dress up with broken flower soft clothes in an idyllic style. The decorative rattan specially placed on the wardrobe adds a natural flavor

the rustic style of the wooden bedstead and the primitive fireplace background wall reveal more rural flavor, while the flowery bedding plus the red checkered carpet make the master bedroom return to the warmth and simplicity of the pastoral style

pink is the favorite color of Korean pastoral style, and the color of this little girl's breath is expressed with broken flower patterns, which is more sweet and warm. Not only the bedding is used with floral elements, but also the bedroom background wall adopts numerous and beautiful floral wallpaper. The whole bedroom is like a sea of flowers

not only pink can express the sweetness of pastoral style. The bed decoration with light blue patterns is more clear than pink pastoral style. And high-end birch is often used as a frame in British pastoral furniture to create a different elegant style





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