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Time: April 18, 2017

location: the first conference room of the Handong provincial Party committee

conference theme: how to treat the coating industry

Sha Ruijin: Hello, comrades! With the increasing attention to environmental issues, policy guidance and media publicity, the scale of the water paint industry market is growing. Whether it's outdoor advertising or Internet advertising, it's easy to find advertising language marked by environmental protection. This shows that the door of the paint market has been opened to water paint, and the environmental protection advantage of water paint has quickly captured the hearts of consumers. Today, let's talk freely about what it has brought to the paint industry after the booming of the water paint industry

Li Dakang: Secretary Sha, let me talk about my experience first

what does water paint bring to the coating industry? I think the first thing is to define environmental protection

according to official data, the total amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitted into the atmosphere by China's paint industry every year is about 4.3 million tons, of which solvent based paint accounts for about 98% and water paint accounts for about 2%. It can be seen that in the future, consumers with paint needs will choose water paint more. Looking back on the road to fame of water paint, the most noteworthy is the efficacy publicity of environmental protection, green and health

before the "fire" of water paint, environmental protection has always had different opinions. However, since the effective promotion of water paint, the polarization trend of coating enterprises has become obvious rapidly, and the focus of the coating industry has also accelerated to shift to water paint, which marks the beginning of the reshuffle of China's coating industry. Under the influence of many factors, the supply side reform of the coating industry will focus on eliminating a number of enterprises with backward production capacity, serious homogenization, environmental protection and quality problems, and then support enterprises with environmental protection and innovation capabilities

Hou Liangping: I agree with Secretary Dakang very much

now, the good news that the government supports and encourages enterprises to change "oil" to "water" has been spread in many places across the country. Under the urgent situation of China's environmental protection trend, water paint will replace the traditional solvent based coatings to usher in the accelerated promotion period, and water paint enterprises will also usher in market expansion opportunities accordingly. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for coatings will be higher. The era of pursuing cheap coatings based on price is gone. In modern times, people are more in pursuit of high-quality, green, healthy and energy-saving home building materials. The consumption level of home building materials is beyond our imagination, so water paint is justifiably more suitable for the market. Water paint must be the main conductor of the future market

jichangming: Secretary Sha, let me also share my views

it is said that water paint is environmentally friendly. What is environmental protection? We need data to support it, but it is unrealistic to list the data for consumers' reference. After all, the people are not all people with chemical engineering majors. Many people can't understand chemical terms and formulas. Then, this requires testing and certification. We can ask each water paint brand to take out the certification report of the testing agency. When the certification report comes out, we can clearly tell consumers that what meets this standard is environmental friendly water paint products. Only in this way can consumers understand why they choose water paint at a glance

Sha Ruijin: today, everyone has a deep understanding of the amount of water paint industry, and their opinions are also of practical significance. In the future, let's pay more attention to the water paint industry and better contribute to health and environmental protection

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