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Italian home is an imported furniture platform established since 2010, focusing on providing users with high-end imported furniture brand products. In this platform, seven home life experience pavilions have been established in the mainland. Next, Italian home will enter Taiwan home experience pavilions to provide more Taiwan users with high-end and fashionable imported furniture brands

Italian home has always been in the form of online display and offline sales. Users can see satisfactory imported furniture products at night without leaving home, and then go to the home life experience hall to buy the imported furniture they like. Users of Italian house in Taiwan can import ( for inquiry

of course, since only some products are displayed on the platform, if you can't find satisfactory furniture products on the platform, you can contact online customer service for more details

Italian home Taiwan creative furniture life experience Museum, a free furniture art with the purpose of end-to-end and fashion for users, is purely handmade, meticulous, exquisite, unique, and brings you pleasant visual enjoyment

Italian home imported furniture Taiwan Station specializes in providing customers with customized furniture services for the whole room, such as bedroom, study, living room, dining room, kitchen, etc., so that you can easily customize the whole room furniture, such as wardrobe, bookcase, wine cabinet, etc., and create a high-quality home life





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