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Green is no longer only forgiveness, but also warmth, hope, and a touch of decoration at home. Now let's take a look with Yulia soft bag

in an episode of Doraemon, the name of a hat is called forgiveness hat. Its function is that even if you do something wrong, as long as you wear this hat, others will forgive you. So this is how the forgiveness hat comes. Then the color of the hat is green. Combined with the traditional Chinese ideology and culture, it becomes forgiveness green now. Today, let's look at the products with forgiveness color in Yulia soft bag

of course, what I show you must be a super beautiful "green product"

Versailles series

royal style

noble leather, complex patterns and vertical lines show the delicate texture of the classical royal family emblem. Create the initial echo of history and modernity with neat lines and classical elements, and the steady color shows the elegant taste of celebrities

Versailles series


Simple floral decorations combined with vertical and neat lines show the delicate feeling of European aristocracy. Simple outline makes the space comfortable and elegant, and places people's body and mind here calmly. From the color of leather to the embroidery lines, the swing between the two is also a combination of design and comfort

Versailles series

Saint Denis

exquisite embroidery and gold thread sew patterns similar to Baroque style, showing a variable and colorful sensory experience, and then draw the patterns on the carefully matched dark green leather cloth, which is gorgeous and elegant. The multi-layer convex filling effect not only has a stronger three-dimensional sense, but also highlights the artistic effect of embroidery. It's better to inlay it with golden lines, and the splendor of the product is better conveyed

whether it's bright green, deep green, or hesitant blue, today I want to bring salt for them. They don't just forgive ~

designers. They can always reconcile several kinds of green to match, making the most common color in nature no longer ordinary in life

white lovers series


the selection of dark green leather material seems to be in the blue sky and clear water, and the golden lines are like flowing waves, or like lush mountains surrounded by clouds and fog. The unique design is noble and elegant, and the simple shape shows the unique classic taste

Ye Zhishi series

the brilliance of the stars

the meteor is short and beautiful. In the fleeting moment, it burst out all the light of its life, and burst out the prosperity and amazement of its life. This is the brilliance it brews in the ordinary, showing its persistent beauty. Now, we will bring this eternal beauty into your home for you, and let you be accompanied by stars day and night, with the beautiful implication of perseverance

Saint Denis series

Yue law

extends crisscross curves, like willow branches blown by the breeze; It is also like an extension of thinking with a strong sense of science and technology. With simple lines, it shows the beauty that makes the world fall in love with it

Saint Denis


multicolor stitches outline lively and vibrant, such as blooming flowers. With the combination of embroidery technology and the essence leather art designed by Italian leather designers, it brings together western aesthetics and oriental charm to completely interpret the perfect presentation of classical art and modern technology


has forgiveness changed

green is no longer only forgiveness, but also warmth, hope, and a touch of decoration in the home

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