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In the wardrobe Market in 2016, the unbalanced development of the industry became significant. Due to oversupply and unprecedented fierce competition, the industry has entered a state of in-depth adjustment. According to relevant statistics, the development trend of large and medium-sized wardrobe enterprises is good, while some small and medium-sized wardrobe enterprises are blocked on both sides in the domestic and foreign markets, and even small and micro enterprises are forced to close down. What trend will the wardrobe industry show in 2017? Overall wardrobe brand dewell: wardrobe enterprises should focus on digital marketing

because most small and micro wardrobe enterprises lack core technology and brand management, their anti risk ability is poor and their profitability is not strong; Some small and medium-sized enterprises fail to meet environmental protection standards, counterfeiting and other problems are common. Under the new normal, the transformation and upgrading of wardrobe enterprises is the only way, and what is the key to transformation and upgrading? In the face of more stringent environmental constraints, can many small and micro enterprises continue to survive? How to survive? Looking at the prospect of the wardrobe industry, some professionals in the industry put forward their views on the path of industry transformation, "Internet +" has become a consensus

industry contradictions increase. Wardrobe enterprises need to change the situation of "big but not strong"

ZHU Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, said that 2016 was a period of concentrated contradictions in the furniture industry, and the whole industry has experienced major tests - exports fell, domestic sales growth was slow, industrial restructuring accelerated, environmental protection requirements continued to improve, tax reform continued, downward pressure on the economy increased, market demand changed, and so on. The industry has changed from high-speed development to medium and high-speed development, and the industrial structure adjustment continues. The furniture industry is still in the bottleneck period of development, and problems such as insufficient design innovation, serious product homogenization, similar marketing and promotional activities, decline in sales per unit area of stores, and increase in vacancy rate exist in a large area

in the current market situation, for wardrobe enterprises, the cost remains high, and the pressure of production capacity, inventory and the decline of return on investment have become difficult problems for development. Some enterprises are still waiting for the hare because they are far away from customers, and the production system is difficult to meet the market demand of multiple varieties and small batches. As a result, many enterprises are facing the survival problem of market shrinkage. ". Great changes have taken place in consumers' lifestyles and consumption patterns, which also put forward new requirements for the wardrobe industry. Fierce competition, overcapacity, serious homogenization and insufficient innovation are also practical problems faced by the wardrobe industry

although the profitability of wardrobe enterprises has improved, the added value of products has further increased. However, the wardrobe industry has bid farewell to the high-speed development stage and entered a new transformation period. The rough development mode in the past can no longer adapt to the current industry development situation. The industry is facing great pressure, and the situation of "big but not strong" needs to be changed

in the future, digital online marketing in the wardrobe market may become the position of business owners

the business in the wardrobe industry is becoming more and more difficult, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, with the gradual sinking of large enterprises and big brand channels, the impact is significantly increased. Full competition will inevitably lead to an increase in the concentration of wardrobe brands, and it may become a fact that some wardrobe enterprises are eliminated by the market. At present and in the future, online has become the largest exposure position and marketing position

Xu Wei, director of the first research office of the Macroeconomic Research Department of the development research center of the State Council, believes that the Internet has made positive progress in intelligent manufacturing, greening, personalization and differentiation, which makes us see the hope of the transformation of this industry. In terms of the Internet in the wardrobe industry, a large amount of data needs to be accumulated in the production terminals. This data is an asset called data assets. If you add industrial interconnection and link everyone with the Internet of things, there is a lot of room for development in the future

"one of the reasons for our rapid expansion is the realization of digitalization." The operation director of a wardrobe enterprise said, "the post-90s have become our main customers, and people under the age of 35 buy 55% of our products. The post-90s are characterized by using mobile phones, networks and social media. Dare we not digitalize? Our digitalization should be able to attract consumers from the beginning of the front end."

the huge consumer market with a population of more than one billion and the far-reaching pace of urbanization have guaranteed the bright future of the wardrobe industry. The intensification of industry competition and the acceleration of the reshuffle require the wardrobe to calmly face and actively respond to the market reshuffle. How to find the market demand, improve the ability of design innovation, and strictly control the cost is the direction that wardrobe enterprises urgently need to think about

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