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Horizontal full-automatic packaging machine

Maiwei has recently launched the c-180d model on this ProPak, which is used for the three side sealing of medium specifications. If photon energy is used to excite the atom and four side sealing packaging of materials. The equipment operates with two bags at the same time, with fast speed and high output. It is suitable for the packaging of milk powder, health products and so on

see the main characteristics of quality on the spot:

◆ small loss: the advanced film placing and bag forming structure minimize the loss in the packaging process

◆ high precision: reasonable and advanced blanking device ensures the packaging precision of products

◆ fast speed: the multi station mechanical structure greatly improves the packaging production efficiency

◆ excellent control: powerful PLC integrated control and advanced servo technology are adopted

◆ easy to operate: the touch screen is used as the human-computer interaction interface

◆ fast adjustment: it is not necessary to replace any parts for the switching of packaging specifications

◆ safety: the omni-directional safety door device ensures the safety of operators

information source: international food processing and packaging

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