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Honghu 800 copper meter machine copper aluminum wire crusher

Honghu 800 copper meter machine copper aluminum wire crusher

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Honghu 800 copper meter machine copper aluminum wire powder Crusher

the miscellaneous wire processors (copper rice machines) in the market are different. The equipment produced by each manufacturer is different, and the materials used are also different. Our products have exquisite appearance, small floor area and easy operation. Ruike Machinery Factory is specialized in producing copper rice machine. At present, copper rice machine is an advanced technology to treat waste cables. The price is reasonable. The dry-type copper rice machine has complete equipment separation and complete service. Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to environmental protection. In the production process, more attention is paid to environmental protection machinery, and the copper rice machine separator plays an important role in the recycling process. The copper rice machine is mainly used to separate the waste wires and cables, which not only reuses the resources, but also reduces the environmental pollution. So what does separation from dense wires do now? First of all, the wire separator not only reduces the pollution to our environment, but also brings great convenience to our life. The quality of equipment on the market is uneven, so we must pay attention to it when buying. It depends on the quality and effect of separation. Second, look at separation costs. Gongyi Ruike Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing copper rice machine, dry copper rice machine, wet copper rice machine, environmental protection copper rice machine and other equipment. The company has novel design, reliable performance, convenient operation and fully automatic copper rice machine. It is favored by users and its products sell well all over the country. For more than 20 years

it is mainly aimed at the mixed waste cables recovered from different channels. After crushing and grinding, the plastic skin and copper rice (copper particles) are separated. The chopped copper rice and plastic are further separated by the vibration system, and then the plastic skin and copper rice are completely separated by air selection. This machine has the characteristics of high automation, strong adaptability, large output and high purity of copper rice. This product adopts dry crushing, crushing, so that waste cables, waste wires and other raw materials become non-metallic mixtures such as metal and plastic after crushing. Customers who ask only about the price but do not have a deep understanding of the equipment configuration and performance are not responsible for themselves. After all, the investment in copper rice machine is small, and the investment in the later stage is. As we all know, the price of copper is relatively expensive, more than 40000 yuan per ton. If we buy machinery and equipment with poor separation rate at a low price, we can't afford to consume copper in the long run. As an enterprise that is negative to customers, the price will not be easily reported to customers. After all, the situation of each customer is different. The types, quantity, scale and strength of the recycled waste wires are uneven. Whether to configure shredder equipment or high-voltage electrostatic equipment is different. It is said that "a white cat and a black cat are good cats if they can catch mice". The same is true for the selection of copper rice machine equipment. Here, only the sensors provide some relevant information for your reference. Now we are strictly investigating environmental protection, and the dry-type copper rice machine equipment is selling well, which makes many new copper rice machine enterprises. The product quality is uneven, so it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the structure and performance of the product if you want to select the right product. After all, the expert is looking at the doorway, and the layman is always looking at the surface

the crushing is completed by multiple machines with the structure of multi machine combination. It is equipped with automatic conveying, sound insulation technology, cooling system, etc. to achieve the separation and recycling of metal and plastic. The separation system adopts the high-voltage electrostatic separator independently developed by our company for separation, without any chemical, water and noise. All indicators meet the environmental protection requirements. The crusher, crusher, separator and other equipment developed by the equipment are highly innovative. Its resource-based treatment process is advanced and reasonable. It has the characteristics of low noise, large output, strong innovation and so on. Rec machinery is a professional production line for dry separation of waste wires and cables. Although it is said that the small copper rice machine rarely has difficulty in starting, it does not mean that it will not happen. Therefore, we need to know how to prevent the small copper rice machine from having difficulty in starting. So, what are the specific reasons for the difficulty in starting the small copper rice machine? 1. no lubrication or inadequate lubrication: like other machines, small copper rice machines need to be lubricated with grease frequently. It should be pointed out here that when selecting lubricating grease, we should select those with high viscosity and good lubrication effect. The lubricating grease can reduce the damage caused by machine friction to the small copper rice machine. 2. long term operation: both small copper rice machines and other machines have a common feature, that is, long-term operation will damage the machine. One of these damages is the difficulty in starting. Therefore, it is very necessary to arrange the production of small copper rice machine scientifically and reasonably. People often say that you think I am a machine

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