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The red flag E115 concept car has been released. It is equipped with LED light source +7 driving modes and accelerates for 4 seconds at 100 km. As we all know, it will appear in every field. It is no exception. Among many, the E115 has attracted the attention of many people, because it has been the first to appear on the previous falafel. This appearance finally gives domestic car fans the opportunity to have close contact with him

in terms of appearance, this pure electric large-scale uses the latest family design language. As a pure electric, it uses a closed front with a through design logo in the middle. The front air grille of the new car is decorated with light sources, and the surrounding light strips are expected to bring good visual effects when lit. On the side, the outline of the new car is very strong. Electronic and hidden handle are added to make it more scientific and technological. The design of the rear is relatively simple. The design of the through type rear tail lamp echoes with the front of the vehicle, which widens the visual effect of the rear of the vehicle

generally speaking, it will feel that the design of the front face will be particularly complex, but it will not make itself look cumbersome. Instead, it will have a simple and atmospheric beauty. If you look at this model from the side to realize the high added value of graphene +eps, you will feel that its design is not particularly strong, but it will make people feel that it has strong stability. Such a model should be more suitable for business people to drive. It is very imposing and can show its own characteristics. Of course, it's worth paying attention to, adding light in it for better embellishment

relevant information on interior decoration has not been obtained yet. In terms of power, according to the previous information, the car will use modes. There are seven driving modes to choose from. 100 km is less than 4 seconds, and the maximum endurance of the car exceeds 600 km. In addition, use the structure

if this opportunity can be seized, the official said that it will have the ability and seven driving modes to choose from. Less than 4 seconds at 100 km/h, and the comprehensive endurance of the vehicle is more than 600 km/h. It also has L4 level driving assistance function. In addition, this model uses today's common structure

conclusion: in this face oriented era, Gao Mei is the king. When we "judge" a car, we start from its general manager of Zhengzhou Research Institute, shizhirong, who comes to the site to inspect and point out the appearance of the work. So far, the mass production model of E115 has not met with us, but it is expected that the mass production model will retain some of the design, so as to make the car look more sci-fi and fashionable. This design also realizes the large-scale utilization of the interior space. I believe it is undoubtedly to win the favor of young people. However, in the face of such a rapidly changing brand, how to attract new young people is the key. After all, in the new energy market, there are many brand models that focus on youth, fashion and technology. It is worth looking forward to how E115 will play its trump card

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