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Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, May 8 (Xinhua) -- on May 7, Honghua group, the largest exporter of oil rigs in China, learned from Honghua group that the company signed a three-year strategic cooperation framework memorandum with General Electric (China) Co., Ltd. to grasp the great opportunity of global conventional and unconventional energy development, Honghua and Ge will rely on their unique advantages in the field of oil and gas drilling and production equipment to jointly realize an integrated oil and gas drilling and production solution with high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. Honghua will use GE's gas power products, combine the oil and gas drilling and production equipment innovated, developed and manufactured by Honghua, and complete system integration in China's production bases. The relevant oil and gas drilling and production equipment will use the associated gas of conventional or unconventional natural gas oil and gas fields, Forming an overall high-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly power solution for the drilling and production operation site. This power solution can also be applied to single items such as drilling and fracturing gas injection/water injection. Finally, detailed regulations are given for the label identification of the enterprise. Zhang Mi, chairman and President of Honghua group, said that Honghua had proposed an unconventional oil and gas overall solution combining gas with gas and electricity as early as 2010. This time, Honghua cooperated with GE, It is an important step for Honghua to gradually implement the shale gas integrated solution. Honghua will apply the gas engine provided by Ge to oil and gas drilling and production equipment, reduce the fuel cost by about 80%, optimize the use efficiency of drilling rigs, and help the production capacity to further exceed the development of the shale gas industry in China and even the world.

according to the financial report, Honghua's net profit in 2013 was 537.6 million yuan, With a sales volume of 8.05 billion yuan, the company's original product design and solutions without pungent smell on site have contributed to its continued success in overseas markets

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