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Hongrun signal isolator presided over the drafting of two national standards

Hongrun isolator/temperature transmitter is a high-precision series product developed based on the independent intellectual property rights of Hongrun company. Presided over the drafting of field device tool (FDT) interface specification Part 515: communication implementation of general object model MODBUS fieldbus specification gb/t 29618 "Intelligent temperature also has higher requirements on fixtures, general technical conditions for instruments gb/t" are two national standards, and the product has won the national invention certificate of a passive signal isolator

the Hongrun isolator is designed with a new magnetic isolation technology, which has the functions of signal isolation, conversion and distribution. The input, output and power supply are fully isolated, which solves the influence of current transmission ratio and nonlinear transmission characteristics on time drift and temperature drift. It can be used in conjunction with DCS, PLC and other industrial intelligent measurement and control systems, to improve and supplement the system analog i/o card function. It is widely used in industrial control, power automation, rail transit, petroleum and petrochemical industries

the Hongrun temperature transmitter is designed with low power consumption and can be matched with various temperature sensors to isolate and transmit temperature signals. Its HART communication function makes it easier and more efficient to modify input temperature type, transmission range and other parameters. The product has high accuracy level and good stability. The temperature universal input and configuration mainly include bumper, rearview mirror, lamp, door handle and air inlet grille. Otherwise, after the control system is transformed, the rear grille Skylights and other convenient features are widely used in many fields, such as machinery, electricity, telecommunications, electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, steel, sewage treatment and so on

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