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Horizon Yu kaiyabuli talks about AI: in the era of artificial intelligence, computing has moved from cloud to terminal. Over the past 20 years, human beings have entered the era from it era to AI era from DT era. In the AI era, what kind of technology or innovation will lead and create the future? In what form will technology make people's lives better? At the round table meeting of the closing ceremony of the 19th Yabuli Annual Conference on February 18, Yu Kaitong, founder and CEO of horizon, Fu Sheng, chairman and CEO of cheetah mobile, fuyingbo, President of Kuangshi technology, and other guests discussed how technology can change the future business ecology. In his speech, Yu Kai said that one of the biggest trends in the era of artificial intelligence is that more and more computing will move from the cloud to the terminal, from the center to the edge. The following is a summary of Yu Kai's views on his speech -

horizon, founder and CEO of horizon, is a start-up company established for three and a half years. Horizon is the first enterprise to make edge artificial intelligence chips in the global industry. When horizon was established in 2015, in fact, cloud computing was the mainstream. However, we foresee that future artificial intelligence computing will move more from the cloud to the terminal, so as to meet the real-time and reliability requirements of future scenarios. At the same time, edge computing has many advantages, such as the protection of users' privacy. A large number of computing will occur on terminals in the future. There will be many application scenarios for terminal computing

at present, our terminal Computing mainly focuses on two scenarios: one is the smart car, which will become a super terminal in the future. The other is the IOT sensor, which we think is mainly. Looking further, there may be robots everywhere in the future, with real impact speed: in the world, autonomous cars are going to robots. In smart retail, these cameras actually help you look at stores. They improve efficiency. Too much humidity will weaken the role of polished grinding marks, and then replace manual work to reduce manual intervention. In the future, there will be robots everywhere in logistics, elderly care and medical care. So who will be Intel in the robot era? This is a proposition we put forward on the first day of the company's establishment. We hope to become such a company in the future

once the scenario is mature, when this application comes, you will find that the pattern of industrial division and cooperation and the industrial ecology will take shape rapidly. In the artificial intelligence industry, at present, the major time point has not yet arrived, so the conditions for industrial division and cooperation have not been formed. What horizon is actually doing at present is that we hope to take the lead to become an underlying computing platform and become such an enabler through, for example, our smart camera chips, automobile chips, etc

horizon hopes to start with software, first explore these application scenarios, and then push back. For example, future service robots must implement image recognition, gesture recognition and speech signal processing. We even think that the whole speech recognition should be realized on the front-end chip. At present, all these speech recognition in China are in the cloud. From the perspective of the fourth privacy, this is actually a big problem. Front end computing is a disruptive enabling technology. What horizon is doing now is to define, just like Intel's definition, we hope to define the future intelligent driving car, the future intelligent camera and the future robot. This is what we think about and how we can do together

the more you go to the scene, the more you go to the customer, the more fragmented, and the more you go to the bottom, the more opportunities you have for standardization. Horizon was the first to think in this direction when it was established in July 2015. When we all go up, we go the opposite way when we all go to the client. We go to the bottom, so we have the opportunity to define a standardized platform. The product line of horizon is very simple. There are two product lines, a chip series called "" and a chip series called "sunrise". The chips of these two product lines. One is for cars, the other is for aiot. Basically, the power consumption of the automobile, including the chip, can reach about 30 watts, not more than 100 Watts at most. The power consumption of aiot should be 2 watts. In fact, the core issue is not the cost, but the core issue is actually the problem of heat dissipation and the problem of time delay. Low power consumption is very important in end processing. On the other hand, to meet the challenge of fragmentation in the future mainly depends on software, while the electronic universal experimental machine selects the all digital communication servo speed regulation system and servo electromechanical drive system with high speed regulation accuracy and stable function as the driving system, not on hardware. For example, "+ software" can be used all over the world to manage everything. In the future, standardized hardware and diversified software ecology will be the trend

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