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Horizontal and vertical comparison: the difference and improvement of Galaxy S10 series versions compared with S9

just after the end of the new year, the annual opening ceremony has begun. The new machine just released this morning is the latest work of Samsung Galaxy S series Galaxy S10 series, which is recognized as the flagship benchmark of Android. For all followers, what improvements can S10 series have over the previous generation S9 series, and what are the differences between the versions of S10 series, are the most urgent information to understand. This article will answer these questions

differences among versions of Galaxy S10 series

Samsung Galaxy S10 series has four models: Galaxy s10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 + and Galaxy S10 5g. Before further interpretation, let's take a look at their basic parameters:

regardless of design, size, storage configuration and battery capacity, the only functional difference between Galaxy S10 and S10 + is that S10 + is a front dual camera. The galaxy S10 does not have the second 8million depth of field camera in front of S10 +. Samsung said that the depth of field camera can bring a better effect of dummy self portrait

galaxy S10 + camera has the most complete

functions. The cheapest Galaxy s10e retains the main configuration. The only thing less than the galaxy S10 is the rear 12million pixel telephoto camera and the off-screen ultrasonic fingerprint. Compared with S10 +, s10e only lacks a front depth of field camera, a rear telephoto camera and an off screen ultrasonic fingerprint. In addition to the depth of field front camera mentioned in the previous paragraph, the rear telephoto camera can achieve further lossless zoom. S10e does not have this function. However, considering the price difference, the galaxy s10e is quite conscientious

galaxy s10e's exclusive color matching and side fingerprint identification

in terms of materials, both Galaxy s10e and Galaxy S10 are made of aluminum alloy middle frame and double-sided glass. Galaxy S10 + only uses glass on three models: carbon crystal black, white jade white and glass green, and uses ceramic back cover on two models: ceramic black and ceramic white. It should be noted that only the ceramic Galaxy S10 + has 8GB + 512gb and 12gb + 1TB storage versions. In addition, among the three models, there is only S10 and S10 +

left glass and right ceramic

screen. There is no difference among the three models except for the size, resolution and surface. All three support hdr10 + display, with the same color gamut, contrast and 1200 nit maximum (chicken blood) brightness. Due to the use of curved screen and off screen ultrasonic fingerprint identification, Galaxy S10 and S10 + have stricter requirements on the screen protective film. The protective film that does not meet the requirements will affect the unlocking experience

in terms of performance, both the galaxy s10e and S10 adopt built-in heat pipe for heat dissipation, while the S10 + adopts a more advanced carbon fiber liquid cooling cooling system. It is unclear what the specific effect is

due to incomplete parameters, we have listed a separate parameter table for the Samsung Galaxy S10 5g:

the biggest difference between the galaxy S10 5g and the first three s10s is that the galaxy S10 5g supports 5g mobile network, and uses a multimeter to measure each point of the printed circuit. "Liu Shiyan thinks it is necessary to have a larger battery, a larger screen, and a faster charging speed, and adds a 3D deep feeling lens before and after. However, it is meaningless to know these parameters now, because the release time of Galaxy S10 5g is unknown in the U.S. operator region cooperating with Samsung, and it is even more distant in China

galaxy S9 series vs Galaxy S10 series

galaxy S10 series has three different levels of products (excluding 5g version), which has more choices than the two types of Galaxy S9 series

s10 series has no 64GB version, and the whole series has started with 128GB body storage. The memory of alaxy S10 and S10 + for G report or partial printing has also become 8GB, which is higher than the S9 series

in addition to the obvious performance and design upgrades, the galaxy S10 series also has many features that S9 series does not have, which pull it over the surface of the film. Thanks to the excellent connectivity of Qualcomm snapdragon 855 chipset, the wireless network and mobile network of Galaxy S10 series are faster than the previous generation. The wireless network supporting Wi Fi 6 has a maximum upload and download speed of 1.2gbps. The highest 2gbps download speed of Galaxy S10 series 4G LTE is significantly ahead of S9 series

after the performance is improved, the heat dissipation should also be enhanced. Both Galaxy s10e and S10 use heat pipes with larger volume than S9 series for heat dissipation. The galaxy S10 + uses carbon fiber liquid cooling for heat dissipation

galaxy S10 series screens of the whole series have 100% mobile color quantity and 2million to 1 contrast. They have passed the VDE certification in Germany, also obtained the 100%dci-p3 color gamut certification, and the blue light filtering certification in Rhine, Germany. S10 and S10 + use the sixth generation gorilla glass on the front panel. These screen features are not available in Galaxy S9 series

s10 is fully equipped with Qi standard reverse wireless charging function

in terms of photographing, the photographing function of Galaxy S10 series has been greatly improved compared with S9 series due to the addition of ultra wide angle, telephoto, depth of field lens (S10 + front) and 3D deep sense lens (S105G). Galaxy S10 series supports front 4K video recording, hi motion technology to reduce motion video jitter, hdr10 + video recording, upgraded intelligent scene optimization and better front portrait Virtualization (Galaxy S10 + only)

it is likely to be the largest upgrade since the galaxy S6.

although accurate rumors, renderings and configuration leaks of the galaxy S10 series have been circulating on the Internet for a long time, I was surprised by the scale of this upgrade when I witnessed the release of the S10 series. Compared with Galaxy S9 series, Samsung Galaxy S10 series has made great progress in core performance, photographing ability, network performance, screen share, screen quality, color/material diversity, charging and product coverage price. For those who like the top flagship aircraft, the galaxy S10 series is absolutely sincere. The front panel of the is made of the sixth generation gorilla glass

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