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Hongrun artificial intelligence formula has won four national invention patents

Hongrun artificial intelligence formula and fuzzy PID formula are a new generation of intelligent temperature control instrument developed by Hongrun company with independent intellectual property rights. The product has won a kind of artificial intelligence regulator and its regulation method (patent number:), fuzzy PID controller and control method (patent number) because the connective tissue filled in the damaged part is more vulnerable to bone tissue An intelligent controller and its self-tuning method (patent number), valve automatic and manual undisturbed operation control method and device (patent number) are four national invention patents. The materials produced by NHR artificial intelligent fuzzy PID regulator are used on the court surface (Copyright Registration No. 2009sr044371). Two software copyrights of fool type fuzzy PID regulator software v1.00 (Copyright Registration No. 2015sr171602) are currently available

this formula is a combination of Hongrun company's 20 years of automation control theory research results, more than 10 years of on-site experience, and a variety of the most advanced temperature control formulas at home and abroad. In particular, after years of painstaking research, a real artificial intelligence formula has been created. The real manual formula does not require manual parameter setting, and the temperature control accuracy reaches 0.1 ℃, without overshoot and undershoot. Up to the international advanced level. This formula product has been used in more than 20 military enterprises such as Air-to-Air Missile Research Institute, China Academy of atomic energy, Institute of high energy physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has obtained a certain number of achievements. It is also widely used in aerospace, military production, nuclear power and high-speed rail, mining and metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical, food and medicine, machinery and electronics, equipment manufacturing, agricultural environmental protection and other fields

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