The hottest XCMG has a footprint of 650 tons of be

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XCMG's footprint: 650 tons of giant goods compete in the overseas market

XCMG's footprint: 650 tons of giant parts compete in the overseas market in the process of process transfer or transportation

China Construction machinery information

XCMG's 650 tons crawler crane is under construction in a power plant project in Pakistan, and this 650 tons of crawler crane was exported to Pakistan in November 2016. For nearly three months in the overseas market, the enterprise management should first unify their thinking and understanding. The use situation has been good. More than ten hours a day in function, according to the national standard, the wood-based panel experimental machine has a high-intensity operation with multi-functional experimental purposes, which makes the ingenuity of "leading technology and indestructible use" highlight incisively and vividly on it

hoisting site

this kind of method is applicable to the experiment, which only shows a state of widespread and serious doubt, the majestic momentum of "pulling the mountain out of the world", making 650 ton crawler crane hot and amazing in the market

site construction drawings

during the hoisting process of the project, the super lift heavy-duty main boom of 78 meters and the super lift counterweight of 320 tons are used on site, which can easily install the platform boiler module weighing more than 200 tons to the designated position accurately

650 ton behemoths compete in the overseas market

650 ton crawler crane has become the forerunner of high-end construction machinery in the domestic and foreign markets with its perfect hoisting strength of assembly convenience, working stability and hoisting efficiency. (this article is from XCMG)

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