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XCMG group will issue 2.5 billion yuan 365 day short-term financing bonds

XCMG group will issue 2.5354 billion yuan 365 day short-term financing bonds

China Construction machinery information

XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. announced that it will issue the first phase of 2014 short-term financing bonds on July 17

the total amount of short-term securities lending in this period is 2.5 billion yuan, with a term of 365 days. The method of fixed interest rate is adopted. Internationally, the interest rate is finally determined according to the bookkeeping and filing results. In terms of timing, the issuance date, bookkeeping and filing date, July 17, 2014, the value date, payment date and creditor's rights registration date, July 18, 2014, and the listing and circulation date, July 21, 2014. In addition, the company's stress testing machine also passed the inspection of the State Construction Quality Supervision Bureau and the test of consumers all over the country. The due principal and interest repayment date is July 18, 2015 (in case of legal holidays, it will be postponed to the first working day thereafter)

there is no guarantee for short-term securities lending in this period. According to the comprehensive assessment of China integrity international credit rating Co., Ltd., the issuer's main credit rating is AAA, and the credit rating of this period's short-term financing bills is A-1

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