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The implementation of the new national standard of express delivery on May 1 still needs a running in period

[ppzhan Abstract] from May 1, a series of national standards of express service will be officially implemented. The standard clearly stipulates the problems such as goods inspection before signing, complete delay over 7 days across provinces, civilized sorting, and stipulates that the courier has the right to open the box for inspection when sending packages. Most consumers are positive and welcome to the new national standard, but it will take some time for all parties concerned to implement the provisions of the new national standard for express delivery

if the outer package is abnormal, the inner parts should be checked and accepted before signing in.

from today on, the national standard of express service series has been implemented. This standard clearly stipulates that the courier should inform the recipient to check and accept the express in person before signing in. If the outer package of the express appears obvious damage and other abnormalities, the courier enterprise's dispatcher should inform the recipient to check and accept the inner parts before signing in

Zeng Yi, an associate researcher of the China Institute of standardization, said in an interview that the new national standard makes classification provisions for different express shipments. For Ordinary Express: before signing, the recipient should accept the external packaging, and carefully check whether the outsourcing coating is not simply transferred from the film to the parts to check whether there is damage, whether the weight is reduced, or whether there is any trace of repacking. In case of abnormal conditions such as damage to the outer package, the recipient should first accept the inner parts before signing for them, and the dispatcher should match them or add a protective cover to the electromechanical equipment

for online shopping, payment collection and other express mail, the express service organization should sign a contract with the sender (merchant) in accordance with national regulations to clarify whether to sign before inspection 12. Stainless steel oversized liner or sign before inspection. If the express service organization and the merchant agree to sign after a priori, the dispatcher should not require the consumer to sign before inspection. Xiao Luosheng, head of the market supervision department of the Hunan Provincial Postal Administration, said that as early as 2009, the Hunan Provincial Postal Administration stipulated that users can check in a priori before signing in for mail orders, shopping orders and TV shopping

the express company shall be fully responsible for the loss of the express without the consent of others.

in the case of collection on behalf of others, the express service organization should pay attention to the fact that the courier cannot hand over the express to others for signature without the consent of the recipient or sender, including the sending and receiving of the unit, the doorman of the community, etc., otherwise, the express service organization should bear all the problems such as the loss of the express

according to the new national standard, express delivery enterprises should provide free delivery for express mail at least twice. If the delivery has not been delivered twice and the recipient still needs to deliver, express delivery enterprises can charge additional fees, but should inform the recipient of the charging standard in advance. In terms of compensation, the new regulations stipulate that express companies have to remind the sender to insure the express. If the express is lost or damaged, the express company should compensate according to the insured price; If there is no insurance, the express company should make corresponding compensation according to the actual degree of loss, or both parties should settle it by agreement, rather than times the express fee

domestic and non local express delivery is delayed for 7 days

if the express delivery is not delivered within the time specified in the new express regulations, consumers can apply to the express delivery enterprise for compensation. Xiao Luosheng revealed

express regulations, intra city express 24 hours; 72 hours of domestic and foreign express delivery; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Express 6 working days; 6 working days for express delivery in Asia and North America; 8 working days for express delivery in Europe; Express delivery in Oceania takes 9 working days. If the intra city express delivery exceeds 3 days and the domestic and non local express delivery exceeds 7 days, the delay will be considered. The compensation for delay shall be the exemption of this service charge (excluding additional charges such as insurance price). So what if the food such as moon cakes is delayed and spoiled? Will the instantaneous rotation center slide with it? The new regulations specify that if the direct value of the inner parts is lost due to delay, compensation shall be made according to the loss or damage of the express

Hello, what do you want to send? I would like to have a look at it first. On the morning of the 1st, Fang Guibao of Yuantong Express Qibao company deliberately asked more questions when he came to the home of a resident on Huamao road in Minhang District to receive the mail

there are four small boxes of tea in the package. Fang Guibao looked carefully, and then asked the other party to fill in the form. Starting today, express delivery will implement new national standards. The company has trained us for a long time

Fang Guibao said that these inspection regulations are mainly to ensure the safety of express delivery. In recent years, there have been cases of express explosives and contraband in some places, and the company has repeatedly stressed the safety of express delivery to its employees

however, he also admitted that it would be difficult to inspect every package. For example, some regular customers in office buildings often put a batch of parcels on the front desk of the company, and let the courier pick up the goods by himself after work; Another example is that it takes a lot of time to check packages. Some couriers have to rush for time every minute in order to get and send more packages, so they have no time to check carefully

the new national standard of express also stipulates that the goods should be inspected before signing, that is, the recipient should accept the express in person. Fang Guibao said: this puts forward higher requirements for our work. When delivering packages, we often encounter that the recipient is not at home and can only run again and again

it seems that it will take some time for all parties concerned to implement the provisions of the new national standard for express delivery

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