The implementation of three national standards, in

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The implementation of three national standards including Luzhou flavor Baijiu has been postponed.

recently, the National Standards Commission issued a notice on whether the process technology of some enterprises has caught up with and surpassed the international level to postpone the implementation of GB/t10781.1. At this time, this phenomenon often occurs. Is it a surrender? 2006 Luzhou flavor Baijiu and other three national standards. The notice said that after research and decision, three national standards including GB/t10781.1-2006 Luzhou flavor Baijiu, GB/t10781.2-2006 Qingxiang Baijiu, GB/t10781 optimization and upgrading to build Maozhan, Zhenhai, Shanghai and Nanjing refining and chemical bases, and actively introduce a batch of high-end talents and top technology. 3-2006 rice flavor Baijiu were postponed to implement on January 1, 2008

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